Food Revolution Goes Digital: The Story Of Eattiamo

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The Italian e-commerce platform started out as a project implemented by four friends. Here's how they became of the best known sites for food delivery!

In the last few years the Italian market saw the rise of numerous food & wine startups, in the attempt to becoming the marketplace for food quality products. merged as the only one, which has accurately focused its attention on the creation of a new and solid network of producers with a rich portfolio of high-quality products and distribution partnerships all over the world.

Take Local & Go Global: The Company’s Strategy

Eattiamo is a startup from La Spezia, a sea town located in the enchanting northwestern coastal region of Liguria, which aims at becoming the first 100% Italian food e-commerce platform, bringing Italian delicacies to all world’s corners. How does this young startup aim to do it? By making an online platform for small producers available, in order to allow them to sell directly and their own products autonomously to food lovers everywhere at a competitive price. Thanks to a high-level media strategy and to a strong partnership extended across Europe to make well-known outside of the Italian boundaries within the next year, the company thus overcomes the existing geographical and logistical barriers, exporting a sophisticated selection of Italian traditional products via Internet shopping.

On the occasion of Startup Europe Week in Treviso and then again at a public presentation of Eattiamo I had the opportunity to meet with Francesca Marchini, the company’s product manager. I was immediately impressed by her passionate enthusiasm, cheerful creativity and sincerity, as well as by her clear vision for the company she works with. During the Startup Europe Week she said that in order to know local food producers and choose the right products to be included on the platform, her team had to meet all the producers one by one, to make sure that every platform user and food customer could select among the best and most genuine food portfolio.

Four Young Brains Who Want To Widen Their Network

Eattiamo was created by four friends with very different backgrounds, who decided to join their forces and consequently launch the startup. They were all born and raised in La Spezia, though collecting different experiences abroad. Simona Marchiolli performed the role of project manager for a multinational company in Germany and she is now Eattiamo’s Operation Manager. Nicholas Figoli was L’Oreal’s marketing group manager, while he now covers the position of CEO in the startup. Francesco Pelosi is the company’s commercial director and in 2006 he founded Sun-TIMES, an advertisement business supporting Eattiamo in its Internet campaign. Filippo Lubrano, currently business intelligence manager for Iveco group in Bangkok, is Eattiamo’s CFO. The team has been completed in the last few months with Pietro Guerrera, from La Spezia as well, who returned to cover the position of General Manager after the accomplishment of an MBA at the Edinburgh University and a work experience in China and South-East Asia.

The team of this startup believes that having a solid network remains a pivotal feature for a young company, allowing for the consolidation of strong partnerships with producers and at the same time making the startup well acquainted with the peculiarities of each product. In this way, Eattiamo aims to become the most sophisticated online Italian food gourmet to whom private customers and companies from all over the world can speak to, discovering new products and eventually buying the best ones. Therefore, the most important assets that differentiate the startup from its competitors remains its large network, sound portfolio and international approach.

From The Local Producers To The Internet Platform

Facing today’s complex market needs, it is becoming increasingly clear that a client will buy online only if they know that they can get a quality product, no matter where they live. The aim of Eattiamo is the creation of a trustworthy food passionate community including the best available selection from the Italian local food producers. This way, Eattiamo searches and consequently selects the best Italian delicacies, starting with the region of Liguria, where it could understandably exploit its consolidated network and relationships, then shifting towards Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, and so on, with the aim to create an online network of producers and products. Francesca Marchini said that

“Thanks to e-commerce, food adoring people from all over the world with a passion for Italian cuisine can now receive directly at home the most authentic tastes of our local traditions. Businesses, restaurants and hotels can also choose the products selected by for their most assorted culinary initiatives”.


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