10 Reasons Why Online Food Shopping Is The New Trend

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You can't hide the fact that the online market is booming right now. Also the food industry has found its way into the massive home delivery market. Check out these reasons why food shopping online is the new trend!

Over the last decade, online shopping found its way to millions of households worldwide and ever since this trend has become unstoppable. Even though ecommerce giants like Amazon or Alibaba are dominating the world market, there is still a place for new marketplaces to attract tons of new customers. It might be the most competitive place right now to found a company but even so, there seems to be room for everyone with a great idea. And a perfekt go to market strategy of course.
Shopwings, a Munich based startup brings your online shopping experience to a whole new level: It helps people get their groceries delivered right onto their doorstep. And food ordering from your couch without the heavy bag carrying part is definitely something to consider.

„We want to help people who are very busy or who are somehow not able to go to a supermarket by delivering their groceries right to their home. All they have to do is order their wanted items via our homepage, then a professional shopper will take care of the rest. We simply want to make people’s life easier so they can spend more quality time with their loved ones“, states Conrad Bloser, co-founder of Shopwings.

A life without endless queues, stressed out cashiers and heavy bags is definitely something to look forward to.

Here are another 10 reasons why online food shopping is the way to go:

#1 Time is everything.

They say that time ist he most precious thing we have. It’s completely up to you how you spend your downtime, but wouldn’t it be nice not to have to spend a couple hours every week in crowded supermarkets? Having more time to spend with your loved ones or to do something for yourself is just priceless.

#2 A smart way to save money.

Do you know that people are likely to spend more money in the supermarket when shopping on an empty stomach or even without a shopping list? If you preselect you items online there’s no danger you go over budget or buy more than you need.

#3 It’s good for your health.

Seriously – how many back problems have been caused by carrying too many heavy things all the time? If you buy things like waterbottles or beer cases you can easily hurt yourself carrying too many things at once. Especially if weightlifting isn’t your strongest suit.

#4 Faster is better.

Shopwings for example offers a delivery service within 2 hours – from order confirmation to your doorstep. In most cases this is very fast if you consider the time it takes to just drive to your favourite market during rush hour.

#5 It works from everywhere.

You can take care of filling your fridge everywhere you have access to the internet and that is many places these days. So no matter if you are on your couch, on your lunchbreak at work, in a doctor’s waiting room – just order your groceries and save some time.

#6 Comfort is king.

We all want to spoil ourselves every now and then. And avoiding long queues at the supermarket when everyone goes shopping – that’s the only time we have time too of course – definitely is something to look forward to. So why not delegate the uncomfortable tasks to someone else? And being a good delegator is an essential leadership quality anyways…

#7 It helps you control your shopping.

If you order healthy food you get healthy food delivered. It’s as simple as that. So you can easily resist the temptation to follow your craving for unhealthy snacks or evil junk food while shopping on an empty stomach.

#8 You help the environment.

If you are one of those persons who drives your car to the supermarket, good news: If you get your food delivered, you don’t need to use your car that often anymore, which helps you contribute making the environment a better place. Plus this also saves you some extra bucks.

#9 No more searching.

We know it all – we want to buy something but we cannot find it in a huge supermarket. This can be quite stressful if it happens with multiple products, and who wants to stay at the supermarket longer than necessary?

#10 You can finally destress.

Having a full time job, doing the household and spending time with your family can be very hard to juggle. If another stressful task – like grocery shopping – falls off your list you simply get the chance to destress a little more. Thanks to innovative companies daily life gets much easier if you just use the comfort of the digital age.



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