How To Build A StartUs Profile That Will Help You Stand Out?

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Create and improve your StartUs profile in 6 easy steps to maximize your chance of joining the startup community and to get your dream job.

Having an eye-catching resume is a must when you are looking for a job in the startup community. Your LinkedIn account will also prove to be helpful, but you are missing something, if your efforts do not seem to pay off.

Take a step back, breathe in, breathe out and think. You are interested in joining a startup, right? So, what better way to introduce yourself to this community than by creating your own StartUs profile?

You might be inclined to say “OK! Here are some more fields I need to fill in with my information!” However, there is so much more to it than that! Your StartUs profile is basically your business card for the startup community. You don’t want it to look common or even filled with flaws. You want it to be appealing to the eye and you want it to grab everyone’s attention.

The standard procedure of assembling a StartUs profile is quite easy. However, the key is knowing how to emphasize your skills, grab attention and steal the spotlight.

Wondering how you can do that? Here are 6 surprisingly easy ways to achieve perfection as a job seeker.

#1 Create Your Video Profile

Here is one feature that sets your StartUs profile apart from any other professional profiles. Video content is taking over these days, so why not use it in your favor? StartUs takes your professional experience one step further and allows you to make your profile even more interesting.

People checking out your profile will get the chance to see the real you. You can use words to talk about yourself, but the non-verbal language you use on a daily basis will reveal even more insights about you to people. This will make them feel closer to you, which will definitely have a positive impact on the professional relationships you are building.

Post engaging content. Keep your presentation dynamic and do not keep your video longer than 2 minutes – as you know busy people have a short attention span. Use different tonalities in your voice to avoid a monotonous and boring speech. It has to be professional, but don’t try too hard. Maintain a professional, yet casual attitude.

#2 Update Your Profile Picture

Everything needs to be about standing out, your profile photo included. On this note, make sure that the picture you are uploading is as recent as possible. It should have a professional aura and it should be easy to recognize.

Also, you want to upload a black & white photo. The Internet is filled with colorful pictures, so the black & white version will help you stand out in the crowd.

#3 Craft A Striking Self-Description

It might take you longer, but it will pay off. People will first take a look at your picture and then they will check out this passage. Make it count! They see your face and they want to know your story.
Keep your description short and concise. Carefully place the keywords defining your range of activity and make sure that the message is sent efficiently, leaving no room for error or ambiguity.

#4 Revise Your Summary

When you reach this stage it is important to take into consideration the tone you are using. It should read like you are having a cup of coffee with the people looking on your profile. They should want to build a long-lasting relationship with you. Lose the self-focused attitude!
Think about it this way: if you would read your profile, would you want to meet you?

#5 Pay Attention To The “Additional Stuff”

Even though there is not much room left for creativity, as there is just a standard filling-in option, it is important to pay attention to this step as well.
Make sure that your area of interest is well-defined. Add all the skills you have gained so far which are the most relevant to your activity and do not forget to rate them. Lastly, add in your education and give as many details as possible.

#6 Keep In Touch

All these steps would mean nothing if you would not have any contacts to keep in touch with. Join as many channels as possible, not only to meet people in the startup community or look for jobs, but also to find out about the latest news, share ideas and keep yourself informed at all times.

A well-crafted StartUs profile will get you to places you have never imagined of reaching and to people you have never probably thought of meeting. The key is to really know how to differentiate yourself from the other millions of professionals doing the same thing as you. What is it that makes your work unique? Find out and make it count!



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