9 Most Viewed Profiles In 2015

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You're a member of the European startup community on StartUs? Chances are you made it among the 9 most viewed profiles in 2015 - find out!

By the end of 2015 StartUs lists over 11.000 startup enthusiasts all over Europe. We’ve put together a list of the most popular people on the platform based on profile views. Did you make it?

9 Most Viewed Profiles On StartUs In 2015

We excluded team members of StartUs and list the people alphabetically. 

#1 Aleksandra Kireeva

“Financial and risk management through creativity and innovation.”

Aleksandra Kireeva StartUs

#2 Andreas Scharf

“Software Developer.”

Andreas Scharf StartUs

#3 Claudiu Sabau

“Custom Software Designer & Developer.”

Claudiu Sabau StartUs

#4 Günter Glück

“Idea to Product.”

Günter Glück StartUs

#5 Kyrill Zlobenko

“Nomad | COO at eCozy.de | Investor in BoDeal AB | Founder Institute Grad 2015”

Kyrill Zlobenko StartUs

#6 Luka Ostrolucanin

“Work to become, not to acquire.”

Luka Ostrolucanin StartUs

#7 Manfred Machacek

“Searching for ideas & co-founders.”


Manfred Machacek StartUs

#8 Patrick Hoefler

“Web expert. PhD student. Geek.”

Patrick Hoefler StartUs


#9 Roland Bair

“Grow with fun.”

Roland Bair StartUs

All startup enthusiasts can be found here.


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