How Brand-Driven Storytelling Can Elevate Startups

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The best brands these days tell stories and make people an essential part of them. Propelled by them, they can advance by leaps and bounds towards their goals. If you want to do the same, keep it real and relatable.

Modern marketing no longer revolves around materials your craft, but stories you tell. People get behind these narratives and actively support companies that champion them. So, when only making baby steps, you certainly cannot focus on the quality of the product and pricing scheme and forget about everything else.
Namely, to really make headways, you need to consider smart tactics such as brand-infused storytelling. We want to argue that it poses the best way to grab attention in the age of dwindling attention spans and a vast ocean of content out there. In other words, if you mean business, it is time to separate your business from the crowd and put the best face forward.

Braving The Marketing Wilderness

Startups do not have it easy in this day and age. They are up against corporate giants with almost unlimited marketing budgets and unmatched manpower. Yet, there is one ace up their sleeves they can pull: brand-driven storytelling. This is not some newest marketing fad that will quickly pass.

It is integral to the marketing and branding efforts of businesses of all shapes and sizes. Startups are even more compelled to harness its power because that way, they can make a name for themselves and rise above the competition without breaking the bank.

The Big Picture

The key question at hand is what exactly does this kind of storytelling entail? Well, there is no uniform definition, but it is clear that this activity represents an overarching, complete narrative that surrounds your business and sets a tone for everything you do.

It is your “why”, a reason for entering the market, promise you decided to make to the world. That is why some people say branded storytelling is the opposite of a sales pitch. Indeed, it is an invaluable chance to humanize your brand and connect with your consumers on a meaningful level.

Capturing The Essence

Stories have always been a potent tool. Their descriptive nature would evoke an emotional response and keep people on the edge of their seats. They can inspire, intrigue, delight, and move. Through them, we are able to understand what the brand is about and relate to its missions and values.

A well-told and smartly presented story has a universal appeal that brings people closer together, makes them feel like a part of something bigger. Hence, in the long run, it lays the foundations of trust and enables companies to drive customer engagement and loyalty.

Unveiling The Truth

To really strike a chord, you have to know what is important to people. And to do that, you should conduct a thorough research and discover the challenges and problems that they face in their day-to-day lives. At the same time, ensure your story is stemming from a place of authenticity.

Think about traits that make your brand unique, things that made you become an entrepreneur, your company’s origins, etc. Throw in some fuzzy, humorous, heartwarming and entertaining elements into the mix and you should have a winning combination.

Making Waves

The good news is that brand-powered storytelling does not have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, tactics like social media marketing are extremely cost-effective and they can have a profound impact on your bottom line. Naturally, the choice of platform for story delivery is paramount here. Again, you need to rely on facts and figures instead of gut instinct.

So, pick a network where most of your audience spends time and then decide on the most suitable format for your story. Kick off the production of videos, articles, infographics, and other types of content. Do not forget about real-world interactions either: check out some of the best keynote templates to throw killer presentations.

Remember, It Is An Ongoing Process

Finally, bear in mind that your story is not set in stone. To capture the imagination and make a lasting impression, it needs to evolve together with your business. So, come up with a steady stream of content and take part in online conversations. Keep up the pace with trends and hot topics rocking the industry.

Never stop learning about the target market and shifting consumer preferences. Feel free to repurpose old messages and campaigns and in case you make a pivot or strategic change, your story must echo these changes.

A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Of Success

The best brands these days tell stories and make people an essential part of them. Propelled by them, they can advance by leaps and bounds towards their goals. If you want to do the same, keep it real and relatable. Do not imitate what others are doing— set yourself apart from them.

Let your story be a genuine reflection of who you are and what you stand for. Use it to uncover the human face of your business and create experiences that resonate with your customers. You should be able not only to secure your place under the sun but steal the big show.



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