6 Practical Tips To Improve Your Cold Emails

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You're sending hundreds of emails and still don't get a response? There's a high chance something's off. These 6 cold emailing tips will help you generate more leads!

I always prefer to pick up the phone to call the prospects and pitch them my services directly. Though cold calling is still effective it annoys people more than attracting them. Now, the question arises how I could possibly make the first contact with my prospect? The simple answer I have found is cold email them.

Shoot an appropriate email to the targeted customers and it does attract people and generates quality leads for your services or products. A cold email will only be productive if you hit the right spot with the right strategy, otherwise, we all love to hit the spam button for such emails.

I would like to highlight 6 areas that can make or break your cold email campaign.

#1 Subject Line

Consider yourself as your own audience and imagine what kind of subject lines attracts you. Have you found the answer yet? Your punch line is always the subject line. Try to keep it precise and yet it should be able to generate enough curiosity for the prospect to open it. Always avoid misleading subject lines otherwise your audience will be totally annoyed and won’t waste a second on your email.

#2 Know Your Customer

Knowing your customer is the key to the successful cold email campaign. Take some time, do your homework before sending any kind of offer or proposal to your prospect. Find out whether they have the interests as you or not? This happens a lot during B2B cold email campaigns. Campaigners buy random leads from random places and start shooting random emails without knowing their customer’s preferences and then complain about it being too adversity.

#3 Content

Again, I would suggest you walk in your prospect’s shoes and think about the content of the email. Would you prefer to receive emails in an essay style and having to go through the whole 250 words to find the main points? Hell no!

Nobody has time to go through long and boring emails to check whether that email is for them or not. Try to use HTML, well structured and minimum text to explain your purpose of contacting the prospect. If possible use infographics or images – as they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

#4 Stop Begging

People often think by showing their need they will get more attention than by bringing value. Therefore they construct the content of their offering in a “begging style”. However, I would strongly recommend you to shift your focus on bringing value rather than begging and try to keep the message minimal.

#5 Offer Unsubscription

Sending your cold email without giving an unsubscription offer is a crime and could lead to blacklisting on the web. Never send out cold emails without clear unsubscription option.

#6 Testing & Testing & Testing

I strongly recommend you to do some serious testing on a closed group before you start sending out emails in masses. Check for image loading issues, check font sizes on different screens and different email clients, check your call to action, etc. Once you complete your testing successfully, feel free to shoot your cold email campaign to the audience.

I hope these tips will add value in your next cold email campaign and you would be able to close more deals in future.



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