5 Workforce Management Solutions For Employee Data

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Managing employee data is a tedious task for any entrepreneur. To make your life easier - and less bureaucratic, here are 5 workforce management solutions!

Entrepreneurs know that startup companies are full of challenges. Securing financial resources, writing a business plan and managing startup employees are just a few. It is typical for human resources management to rank as one of the most demanding responsibilities for entrepreneurs. After all, the hiring process itself requires an extensive amount of time — and that is just the beginning. Let us not forget employee onboarding, training, and routine maintenance like payroll. If you are an entrepreneur looking for a way to manage your employees effectively, continue reading this post for valuable workforce management solutions for employee data.

Human Resources (HR) Management

If you are an entrepreneur spending the bulk of your time involved with the hiring process, then you will want to consider a workforce management solution that supports HR responsibilities. Automating tasks like recruiting and training will save entrepreneurs valuable time. Additionally, some HR workforce solutions help to manage employee benefits and performance. You will have employee-related documents at your fingertips along with productivity reports. Some HR workforce management solutions also include tools that provide details on hiring costs and employee turnover. All of these are valuable tools for entrepreneurs who are looking to streamline the hiring process.

Time & Attendance

Gone are the days of “punching” in and out using a clock card machine to record our time at work. Today, a workforce management app requires just the tap of a button to track an employee’s time in the office. They keep tabs on time spent on specific tasks. This leads to delivering better service while staying within budget. By tracking time and attendance across your devices, the automation of time-keeping minimizes payroll mistakes. Moreover, this gives entrepreneurs access to modern reporting with data on each employee’s time, tasks and availability. To manage employee data in a convenient manner, choose a workforce management solution that offers simple tracking for time and attendance as well as instant reporting capabilities.


Going hand-in-hand with time and attendance reporting, payroll is another key workforce management solution. Entrepreneurs should consider what type of safeguards are in place to minimize mistakes. These workforce management solutions prevent you from entering the wrong time values or location information for employees. For instance, some workforce management systems include a feature that uses Google maps to calculate the appropriate federal, state and local tax rates. This geospatial data will be helpful when the tax rates change or your employee moves. Additionally, some of these solutions can be integrated with third-party business accounting programs to track your startup expenses. This keeps your payroll running smoothly with fewer errors.

Mobile Workforce

Entrepreneurs employing a mobile workforce have a unique set of challenges. By implementing a workforce management application, there are several ways to facilitate communication and track employees while they are on the go. Mobile workforces need scheduling options, performance management features, and a fully functional admin portal. These should be accessible by each employee’s mobile device. This way, if your employees’ schedules are in constant flux, employees can stay up to date. Plus, you can implement a workforce management solution with an alert system. This will keep everyone informed of scheduling changes and minimizing uncovered shifts. Especially for the employees who are in the field, it can also track employees’ locations with GPS capabilities. With a mobile workforce solution, entrepreneurs can keep employees connected even when they are out of the office.

Employee Portal

Are you an entrepreneur who spends even a small amount of time answering HR and payroll-related questions? If so, then employee self-service functionality is important for your workforce management solution. The robustness of the functionality in workforce management solutions varies in this area. A common functionality gives employees access to their payroll information and allows them to update personal information. In more complex configurations, employees can track their hours, notifications, tasks and schedules. Without a doubt, an employee portal saves precious management hours allowing entrepreneurs to focus on customer-centered, revenue-producing areas of the business.

Entrepreneurs of any size business can use workforce management solutions for employee data. The software automates tasks that are time-intensive, albeit extremely important. These solutions include managing human resources and reducing costly mistakes in payroll. Moreover, the tracking time and attendance features offer details reports to keep your project on budget. For teams on the move, monitoring mobile employees are just a few features available for busy entrepreneurs. You can tie all this data back into a secure employee portal to provide additional time-saving opportunities. To manage your employee data, take advantage of these essential workforce management solutions.



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