5 Ways To Stay Inspired When You Feel Like Giving Up

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You're feeling down & are not sure how to continue with business or personal matters? We've got some tools for you - try them & get inspired again!

I think we all go through times in our lives when we lose all motivation and inspiration. There are times when you just want to give up and do nothing. There are times when your business is probably doing great but you’re just not satisfied enough. You probably are making enough money at your job, but you just know that something is missing. You don’t feel like you’re where you should be!

Fear not. This is normal. There come certain times in our lives where we need to learn how to encourage ourselves. A lot of us feel this need to be encouraged and affirmed by those around us all the time. While that is important, it should never be our only hope for inspiration. People will come and go. Sure, there are a few who will stick around to be with you. It could be your spouse, your parents, your siblings, or maybe even your friends. But they are not going to be available for you all the time. They might not even be there when you need them the most!

Here are some practical tools that you can use to stay inspired and motivated when you feel absolutely uninspired:

#1 Prayer

You may think I am being sarcastic or religious with such a suggestion. But prayer is a great way to lower the stress. It also helps open your mind and self-awareness to the things you have going for you. Prayer makes way for gratitude. Has my Christian faith impacted the way I feel about staying inspired? It most certainly has. Praying to the higher power, which for me is God, keeps me inspired to persevere through all times. We all need that spiritual connection so that our soul is taken care of.

#2 Your Passion Project

So what do you really love? What makes you come alive and makes you feel like saying, “this is why I was born”? Well for me it’s inspiring people. I love doing motivational talks, coaching people, helping people see how unique their potential is and just being a resource to people to help them move forward in their life. This brings me immense amounts of happiness and satisfaction. Here’s something to think about – we find the most meaning and inspiration when we are driven by something greater and above our personal well-being.

#3 Re-Visit Your Mission & Vision Statement

If you don’t have one yet, you need to get one as soon as possible. Re-visiting your vision and mission statement will remind you why you are doing what you are doing. So it’s very important that you craft a heck of an inspiring one that interconnects or matches well with your personal traits and talents. I also want to make it clear that I am not referring to your company vision or mission statement. I am referring to your personal vision and mission statement.

#4 Watching An Inspiring Movie

Reading biographies or an inspiring book can be a tool that you could use to stay inspired, but I think when you’re not feeling motivated or inspired then reading through literature can make you feel exhausted. It works this way for me but maybe it’s different for you. There are lots of good inspiring movies based on true stories out there to motivate you. I went through a dry spell myself not too long back and watching a movie like Rocky can really help you identify and make changes within yourself while entertaining yourself. Sounds like a good deal to me.

#5 Motivational Videos

This may seem clichéd to some of you. But the truth is that the kind of media we make ourselves most aware to becomes a part of who we are. Here is something I do that may help some of you – I watch and listen to my motivational videos after a workout or while having a cold shower. An intense workout and a cold shower changes the chemistry of your body quite drastically, you will be surprised by how drastic that change can be. Your emotions are connected to how you are feeling physically. If your body is feeling good it begins to influence your emotions. And at this point, it is the best time to fuel up your mind with some motivational talks. Your mind and body are now in perfect alignment to listen to something positive to fuel up your inspiration tank.



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