5 Startup Ideas That Require Very Little Cash Investment

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In need of some ideas that will help you get your startup off the ground? We've prepared 5 easy ideas that require little to no money at all!

Last week, with a little help from our friends at Instant Offices, we’ve established that you don’t need to be a billionaire to start your own startup. You also don’t need to spend all of your own money to get into business. What is important is the startup ideas you have in mind. What’s that? Don’t have one yet? Then have a look at the 5 ideas we’ve listed for you:

#1 Blogging

A powerful tool of communication and an ideal way for businesses and individuals to engage with niche audiences online – no wonder there are upwards of 150 million blogs online. Starting one of your own, or consulting with others on how to run theirs, requires virtually no capital, and is a great way to generate an income.

#2 Teaching Online

The global eLearning Market is a hundred-billion-dollar industry and each year, more and more people sign up with sites like Udemy or Instructables to learn. If you have knowledge to share, why not turn a profit while you share it with the world through one of these sites?

#3 Consulting

If you have a skill and can offer valuable insights and actions to other companies, startups and corporates, you could start a consulting service with virtually no capital outlay. Social media managers, for example, offer their services to companies who don’t have time to run their own platforms.

#4 3D Printing

With a small injection of cash to get started, you can start making a profit from a good 3D printer. Whether you create and sell designs, offer a service where you sell customized molds or figurines, or create children’s toys, you can turn a small investment into a big startup idea.

#5 Writing

Whether a book, manuals, white papers or copy for advertising, setting up your own freelance writing business requires absolutely no cash investments, aside from a computer, and can set you up for a rewarding and busy career.

5 Startup Ideas That Require Very Little Cash Investment



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