5 Professions That Can Be Done From A Co-Working Space

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Like the concept of co-working spaces and being your own boss? We'll walk you through 5 professions that might be right up your alley!

Co-working spaces used to be perceived as places for new entrepreneurs to get their company off the ground and for freelancers to get an office without much fuss. However, they are no longer seen as just that. More and more individuals, as well as businesses, are realizing the many benefits which these spaces have to offer. Aside from saving money and the environment, opting for a co-working office can allow a business to expand its network of contacts and reach new heights.

Now, while co-working spaces are usually associated with IT-related companies, they can be useful in many other industries. Many types of businesses require collaboration between its employees and this is best achieved in a co-working space. In this article, we will mention just some of the professions that are the most prominent when it comes to working in a shared office. Let’s take a look:

#1 IT

While no longer the vast majority, information technology jobs are still very much present in co-working spaces all over the world. Whether it’s a freelancing individual or a multinational company, they are making the most of these offices. Regardless of whether someone is a web developer or providing customer support, shared spaces help save money and boost productivity. It is a good way for individuals to meet new people and potential new employers, while companies can lure in new workers. Furthermore, they can rest assured that the premises are well kept and provide the latest tech available while also giving them a lot of flexibility when it comes to office hours and location.

#2 Finance

From FinTech companies and broker-dealers to hedge funds and RIA firms, all sorts of financial businesses can find their place in a shared office. While financial firms have been known for having a closed off attitude, the introduction of these spaces has changed their approach to business. They are now more open to sharing space with other companies seeing as how that gives them the opportunity to work in a location they would not be able to afford by themselves and even to meet new clients or partners. A big plus is that these spaces come furnished so that they can impress their potential clients with their premises and impeccable conference rooms, in addition to their prime location which is always in demand in cities such as New York and Hong Kong.

#3 Healthcare

Research has shown that in countries such as India the office sector has been booming and it is no longer occupied only by IT businesses. That is why we can now find even medical professionals in co-working spaces. Healthcare facilities get to experience many benefits when they opt for this type of practice. It often happens that a smaller private practice integrates into a larger provider, which allows them access to more resources and at a lower cost. In case a doctor has a smaller workload, they can even use the facilities and staff only when there is a need – that way, they do not have to pay for it full-time. Maybe this approach will allow everyone affordable healthcare in the future.

#4 Law

The confidential nature of a lawyer’s job might make this seem like a bad combination. However, looking for an office in a co-working space can be quite beneficial for an attorney. For instance, maybe there are some premises near courts or government offices. That means less commute as well as a convenient location for their clients. Maybe there will be fellow attorneys, paralegals or other experts that can provide counsel in the same building. That means the job can be done more efficiently. Plus, a solo lawyer or a small firm might find it difficult to finance their own office, especially if they’re just starting out.

#5 Art

Seeing as how there is a wide variety of co-working spaces, artists of all sorts will be able to find their place under the sun. It can be quite hard to afford a space if an artist lacks financial support at the start of their career. That is why shared spaces are a great place for them to work on their dreams and achieve them. Some of these premises exist thanks to art foundations and city initiatives, and some are even a part of educational institutions. These spaces can accommodate all needs of artists, from sculptors and composers through photographers and filmmakers all the way to fashion designers. Just like in any other industry, co-working spaces for artists are also equipped with the latest tools and some even provide mentorship and guidance.

There are many other fields that can thrive in shared spaces, from real estate and travel agencies to companies in the food and beverage industry. Co-working spaces will keep changing and growing in the future, which means that the list of jobs that can be done on such premises will definitely expand even more.




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