5 Reasons Coworking Spaces Are The Way Of The Future

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With more jobs offering flexibility and remote-work, coworking is only going to increase over the next decade. Consider joining a coworking space near you to cut costs, network more efficiently, and increase productivity levels.

Coworking spaces have verified their market due to the increase of remote workers around the globe. Individuals who have the luxury to work from anywhere can find a local coworking space to work from for an affordable rate. This includes, but is not limited to entrepreneurs, startups, independent contractors, employees, freelancers, and others who have the privilege of working remotely. The workforce is shifting to a remote, more flexible model and therefore coworking spaces are on the rise. There are numerous benefits to working out of coworking spaces and listed below are the top five reasons they are becoming the way of the future.

#1 Flexibility

Coworking spaces offer tremendous flexibility for members. Unlike traditional office space, coworking spaces let people choose between a large array of options for membership. Not being tied down in a one-year lease is one of the huge benefits of joining a coworking space. Most coworking space membership plans are month-to-month, meaning if you need to cancel, or want to take a month off, you can without penalty.

Most coworking spaces have membership options that range from daily access, limited monthly access, and unlimited monthly access. In addition, most members get keys and can use the facilities after traditional work-hours, which is a big bonus for entrepreneurs and startups alike. These are things that traditional office spaces simply don’t offer.

#2 Affordability

Listen, office space can get expensive and if you live in a city, expensive is an understatement. According to Desk Mag, members only pay an average of $195 (€166) per month for a coworking membership. Of course, unlimited access memberships can run a bit higher and each coworking space offers something different. But all in all, coworking space memberships are significantly cheaper than traditional office space.

One of the main reasons startups and small businesses are transitioning over to the coworking space model is to cut costs. Do you really need that 3,000 square meter office prior to your inaugural launch? Probably not. And remote workers are sick of paying extravagant rent prices for office space. Coworking spaces are becoming the way of the future because of their affordability for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

#3 Networking Opportunities

Back in the day, networking was limited to passing out your business cards at a roundtable event in a corporate chamber of commerce. The new age of networking is focused on building real relationships and establishing rapport. Coworking spaces provide some of the best networking opportunities through monthly events and meet-ups. Most coworking spaces host monthly events for its members to get to know each other. These are a great opportunity to meet new people and connect with other business owners. Unlike regular networking events, you’ll get to see these people every day and build lasting relationships with them.

If you’re looking to meet customers or clients, joining a coworking space will immensely grow your network. You’ll also receive great business advice and learn from leaders. Coworking spaces are full of diverse members, so by sharing a space with them, you’re likely to meet someone who can benefit your business. This new age of networking is only going to grow with more and more coworking spaces popping up all over the world.

#4 Amazing Amenities

Coworking spaces offer members amazing amenities at unbeatable prices. The popularity amongst coworking spaces is only going to continue to increase because of this. You receive a turn-key, furnished workspace for a great price. Some of the amenities include reliable WiFi, 24/7 access, conference room hours, stocked fridges, unlimited printing access, and more. Nearly all coworking spaces have coffee flowing freely throughout the day.

You’re likely a busy business owner, employee, or freelancer that needs to get work done. You’re not an office manager. Coworking spaces allow you to focus on work instead of managing a complex office space. Between the amenities and all of the other benefits, it’s hard for remote workers to turn down a coworking space membership.

#5 Productivity Benefits

Besides offering economical and personal benefits, coworking spaces help members thrive professionally. The startup life can be tough and everyone knows freelancing is a grind. Being a member of a coworking space allows you to surround yourself with smart, motivated individuals on a weekly basis. And according to business.com, 74% of coworkers are more productive.

Coworking spaces have unmatched energy levels and provide you with the support you need to be successful. It’s easier to thrive when you have people around you who push you professionally.

Coworking Is Here To Stay

Beyond these five reasons, there are so many benefits to coworking that make it so appealing to remote workers. With more jobs offering flexibility and remote-work, coworking is only going to increase over the next decade. Consider joining a coworking space near you to cut costs, network more efficiently, and increase productivity levels.



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