What A Startup Journey Really Takes

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Think you've got what it takes to go on a startup journey? Here's all you need to know to set the sails successfully!

Having stepped out of your personal comfort zone it is now time to feel the temperature of the water.

Putting A Toe Into The Cold Water

An idea is only worth the penny that the outside world is considering paying for it. Many projects have looked great on paper wrapped into the various conceptual models. The key is their correct execution.

This starts by gathering the right information from the potential market, meaning definition of the need, drafting the potential solutions, identifying the right stakeholders.

Is the need real or just a wishful thinking? As without a real need there is no market and without a market there are no users interested in your solution.

Does your potential solution address the need in an adequate manner? Have you devised the best approach or format?

Start Your Journey With Your Crew

So now it time to buy your ticket for your trip on the venture trail. It is of course nicer and more enjoyable to share the adventures of your trip with other people. Gather the right crew to sail your ship through the challenges of the wide sea.

The selection of each crew member is crucial in the beginning as once on the open sea it is difficult to change them. You are the captain and in charge. Which is a responsibility but also an opportunity as you are free to make your choice of team mates. You are of course invited to ask for advice but in the end it falls back on you to make the final decision.


Insight and assistance can be gathered from a lot of sources and in an abundance of ways. The generally taken approach is to attend specific networking events to get into touch with peers. As nothing can replace peer review.

Other means would be to approach co-working spaces and their ecosystem as well as the various support initiatives or organizations.

Moving On

Once your crew is assembled as well as the first journey route devised, it is now up to you to cut the ropes and sail away. Of course as with every journey you have to assemble the necessary resources as you do not know when you will reach the next port.



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