13 Customer Engagement Tactics To Get Inspired From

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Get inspired by these 13 examples of customer engagement tactics used by larger companies. You can easily transform and implement them into your marketing program and significantly increase your profits.

Modern times call for modern measures: you can hardly be really noticeable on the market with a quality product or service and regular marketing activities, which do not create lasting connections between your company and people who make it profitable. Businesses that now appear successful once started small and learned to not only advertise their creations but to use customer engagement tactics as well.

Here are 13 examples that have been implemented by larger companies and can inspire you to take a step further to spur your business growth.

#1 Adding Fun Like Depositphotos Does For Its Project Crello

We’ve already gotten used to influencers actively participating in products or services promotion. But what if they become meme heroes? The company has reached out to András Arató, known as Hide Your Pain Harold. He is that famous guy whose sadness cuts through his smile. Together, they have created templates that Crello’s users can utilize for producing funny animations.

#2 Learning From Buffer’s Dedication To Customer Support

Buffer’s customer service is famous itself – they dedicate a lot of time and effort to hearing and responding to their users. The company’s co-founder and COO, Leo Widrich, describes their way of doing business like “…Giving the best customer support possible is at the very top of our list. Like literally, it is the number one thing we want to get done every day.”

#3 Treating Customers As Fans – The Xiaomi Way

Xiaomi used to have no more than 100 customers when starting out. Today, it is one of the most successful phone manufacturers in the world. How? Largely due to treating their customers like fans: Xiaomi interacts with its users through major fan events such as the Annual Mi-Fan Day or regular popcorn festivals that involve direct communication with the company’s employees and various entertaining activities.

#4 Creating An Ecosystem Of Products – The Great Invention Of Apple

Apple needs no introduction: this company is as legendary as its marketing strategies and fan base. They have successfully managed to do the impossible – create a whole universe of interconnected products fully supported by the legend of “best bought together”. This approach allows Apple to introduce every new product as an addition to the overall Apple-experience.

#5 IKEA’s Tasty Customer Engagement Campaign

The Canadian branch of IKEA has benefited from a campaign called Cook This Page. It is realized in the form of recipes printed on cookable parchment paper. The name speaks for itself: the campaign’s main purpose is to engage their customers in cooking new dishes using IKEA’s food products while simultaneously attracting their attention to IKEA’s line of kitchen products. This way, customers get the opportunity to learn something new while boosting the company’s sales.

#6 H&M – Taking Care Of Customer’s Aesthetic Feelings

Years ago H&M was associated with a certain experience – an exhausting hassle of shopping for the right item among the messy pile of things scattered everywhere. However, when ZARA and Forever21 started to offer a better shopping experience, H&M had to forcefully learn a few lessons. They’ve got rid of garment litter, training their salespeople to take care of clothes their customers leave around and not letting it pile up like it used to. Making something look easily accessible and tidy works magic and makes customers come back.

#7 Prioritizing Improvement Over Instant Action Like Google

Some think that Google as a company has it easy – like they cannot experience any issues with locating customers’ problems thanks to their data collection software. However, Google does not owe its success solely to this – they also opt for waiting longer, but coming up with something better. This approach is really rewarding in the long run if you want your customers to respect you.

#8 Managing Events Like Ubisoft

Ubisoft is one of the gaming industry giant famous for its successful game series such as Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, and Watch Dogs. The announcement of every new Ubisoft game attracts lots of attention, and the company heats it up even more by hosting its own conferences along with live streams, not fully relying on general famous gatherings.

#9 Engagement Through Connecting – The BMW Way

Another brilliant business idea was impeccably realized by one of the largest car manufacturers in the world – BMW. The company came up with a thought to delegate their own customer support to customers themselves by creating an elite “Owners’ Club”, where car owners can connect and share knowledge. This way, BMW spends less on customer support and created its own active community.

#10 Creating A Special Network Via An App – A Tactic By NYX

No need to emphasize how important social networks are for marketing. Cosmetics company NYX took it a step further and launched its own mobile app that allows customers to not only buy certain products but also offers access to exclusive content such as video tutorials created by famous bloggers. To engage their customers, NYX also used its clients’ selfies on the main website.

#11 Gamifying The Experience With Fitbit

Another way of keeping customers engaged is to apply to their competitive nature. Fitbit – one of the leading fitness trackers manufacturers – launched a “rewards” program for their users. It is a system of badges – special tokens that represent daily or all-time step count and serve as a virtual candy for the customers, making their user experience more game-like.

#12 Uber: Providing Customers With More Power

Uber has carved out a niche for itself in a very populous market of taxi services thanks to creating an app. But so does almost every business nowadays, right? Yes, but the point is, Uber provided a simple solution to multiple people’s pains and, at the same time, gave customers an opportunity to create better experience for each other by evaluating the level of service.

#13 Targeting The Social Responsibility Trend In The Ben&Jerry’s Fashion

The trend for social responsibility is relatively new, but it is definitely here to stay, since it is being supported mostly by young people that ask a lot of questions. Ben&Jerry’s is one of the companies to answer this demand on multiple levels – they use fair-trade ingredients, launch community-based charity projects and capacity-building grant programs. For example, they actively campaign against climate change integrating this issue into their very own brand image.

All of these customer engagement tactics are diverse and multilateral enough to be modified and applied in every particular situation. Moreover, they can give food for thought – to come up with other tactics. And to find really effective ones, you just have to build your ideas on general principles of people’s psychology.



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