Top 10 Most Read Articles In 2015 You Shouldn’t Miss!

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StartUs Magazine featured a lot of content in 2015. Here are the top 10 most read articles - how many did you read?

2015 was truly an amazing year for StartUs Magazine: first year of operation, first year featuring hub reports and startup city guides and – first year of many more to come. To end this exciting time, we’d like to share with you, which articles you liked most in the past year.

The Top 10 Most Read Articles Of 2015:

#1 Marketing vs. Design Thinking: Lessons Learned

In this post we explore the differences between design thinking and marketing; their approaches, goals & techniques. Are they that different after all?

Design Thinking StartUs Magazine

#2 How To Start A Website Project In Less Than 2 Hours

Do you want to start a new web project? This can be difficult in the beginning but a quite rewarding experience if you take on this adventure well prepared. Here are useful tips for the best tools that help you make your project’s start a smooth one!

#3 Visa Options For Entrepreneurs In Europe

Are you a foreign entrepreneur and want to start your business in Europe? These useful tips will guide you through the jungle of visa regulations every country has.

United Kingdom visa in passport

#4 6 Skills You Need As An Entrepreneur

Are you dreaming of joining the infamous entrepreneurs club? Good. Just make sure you are ready for it – these tips can help you find out if you have the right skills for what could be the ride of your life!


#5 All The Online Tools You Will Need. Ever!

There are countless websites to visit, some are useful others aren’t. To stop wasting time on search we provide you with all online tools you’ll need. Ever.

online tools

#6 The 6 Life Stages Of An Entrepreneur

You know what entrepreneurs have in common? It is considered that there are 6 stages every entrepreneur goes through – no matter if in a startup or company.

life stages

#7 Why You Need To Avoid Toxic People

If being successful is your goal then you should stop spending time with people who are bringing you down. Some people are just toxic for you and it is crucial to let them go as soon as possible in order to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.


#8 How I F*cked Up My Startup Dream

You have a startup dream? Want to found a business by your own or with a co-founder? Be prepared & read this article to avoid mistakes & learn from others!


#9 10 Things Lean Startup Didn’t Tell You

Everybody seems to know all about Lean Startup, but there are things they haven’t told you. Don’t worry, we’ll tell it all!


#10 13 Secret Feelings Of Entrepreneurs

Feelings of entrepreneurs are a rather unexplored topic. Especially people outside the startup scene often don’t understand them. Don’t worry, we’ll explain!


Thank you for welcoming us so warmly right from the start, for caring and sharing our articles, for your valuable feedback, for contributing and most of all for making us want to provide more insights into the European startup community, cities to found in, tips on your business entry & more. Stay tuned in 2016 as we already have a lot planned and a few surprises coming.

Happy New Year!


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