13 Secret Feelings Of Entrepreneurs Revealed

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Feelings of entrepreneurs are a rather unexplored topic. Especially people outside the startup scene often don't get their mindset. Here's what every founder is going through:

We all know that startup owners face different problems in the process of founding their business. But people who are not as involved in the scene can have a difficult time understanding these feelings of entrepreneurs. We want to make it easier to share your thoughts on various emotions you face in your everyday life.

13 Feelings Every Entrepreneur Has

#1 When you’ve been working all day..again.


#2 And still hate the feeling of not having a steady paycheck.


#3 When you hear other startups get funding.


#4 When you finally get funding.

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#5 But still have to deal with serious competition.


#6 Discovering that you have to hire a team because it’s too much to do alone.


#7 Doing most of it yourself nevertheless.


#8 Then hearing other startups hit break-even and you didn’t…yet.

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#9 When your product suddenly becomes a success.


#10 Then getting featured on Product Hunt or even TechCrunch.

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#11 That’s when you realize you’ll never give up.


#12 Because you are a risk taker.


#13 Who likes to be your own boss.




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