Will Smart Packaging Revolutionize The Packaging Industry As We Know It?

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Packaging was once an ordinary piece of cardboard with print on it but is now turning into an interactive piece of cardboard with print. This “interactive” piece allows consumers and brands to interact amongst each other and create stronger relationships or work with customers on any issues.

As brands and businesses try to look for new ways to stand out from the crowd and extend their customer reach online, “smart packaging” has become a solution. Smart packaging is beginning to take shape in the printing & packaging industry as brands look to interact, understand and meet the concerns of their customers.

There is massive potential as to where smart technology in both the food and other consumer packaging could go, but in the near future here are a few things that already start to impact the industry:

NFC For More Informative Interaction

NFC or near-field communication technology are chips that are hidden within the packaging to help brands offer a significantly more informative way of interacting with its customers. Apple plans to support the reading of NFC tags in their iOS 11 update, which would allow brands to deliver more content to customers by providing a much more robust experience through recipes, videos, or other complementary content. The thought is that this will increase brand engagement, which will turn into more sales.

Scan Codes For Additional Information

Facebook Scan Codes is a piece of technology that has been around for some time, however, Facebook has made a conscious effort in 2018 to push this technology so that brands and businesses can leverage it to interact with their consumers.

The ability for consumers to scan these codes already exists on any phone that has the Facebook Messenger app installed. Brands or companies who have Facebook fan pages can create what are called scan codes. These can be printed on packaging, signs – you name it. When a consumer scans the code it brings the consumer directly into the Facebook Messenger app of the brand or company. The company then has the ability to set up automated messages providing consumers with additional information, discounts, and promotions. Moreover, they also can respond to these individuals just as they would with a regular message. Generally, companies rely on Facebook messenger bot building companies to make use of this technology.

Smart Packaging Fights Food Waste

Introducing smart packaging in the food industry helps to communicate the expiration of a product, prompting consumers to consume it rather than letting it go to waste. Going further, smart fridges will become more advanced and soon capable to re-order products automatically, based on previous purchase behavior as well as present recipes that can be made with the products at hand.

As the packaging industry continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how consumers react to the technology they are presented with. The evolution of smart packaging will need the help and adaption of packaging companies to ensure that the cost of the technology actually delivers value to the consumers – then, we are likely going to experience a revolution in the packaging industry.



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