Why E-Learning Can Be The Future Of Education: 15 Effective EdTech Tools For Students

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The concept of eLearning has continued to grow in recent times as more students and learning institutions choose to implement it in education. Here, we’ll consider 15 tools for eLearning.

What do you see when you imagine a class environment? Probably you have an image of a group of students sitting at their desks as they listen to the teacher. The teacher might also be scribbling something on the whiteboard. While this picture is still a good view of a classroom, a new look is slowly growing.

Today, eLearning is changing the methods of learning. It has given everyone, from adults to grade school students, the chance to learn online. It’s even helped in removing those barriers that denied some people a decent education.

Why Should You Use E-learning Tools?

The concept of digitization is slowly transforming the healthcare sector, transport industries, and manufacturing plants. Now, through eLearning, the state of education is expected to improve too! However, despite its growing popularity, eLearning comes with its fair share of challenges.

A good example is it reduces the teacher to student classroom engagement. At times, students get stuck looking for assistance when they can’t complete a challenging task. Here’s where eLearning tools come into the picture.

As a student, they will help you to succeed and reach your full potential. Below are 15 of the best tools for passionate eLearners. One thing you’ll notice about them is that they are user-friendly for both students and their teachers.


Teachers and students can talk using Skype chat or face-to-face. By keeping students in small groups for different projects, they can communicate using Skype and save a lot of time.


Here is another tool which is of massive help to eLearners. What does it do? Well, as a student, you have to submit your paper online. This tool makes sure that your work is original and free from plagiarism. It does so by comparing your content to all other resources found on the internet.


This is one of the best social networking websites that connects students with their teachers. They can quickly ask for assistance from the tutors in areas that they didn’t understand in class. On the side of teachers, it helps them in quickly grading assignments virtually.

However, it’s not just teachers and students who benefit from this excellent tool. It also keeps parents fully updated on the progress of their kids in school.


This unique app contains questionnaires and quizzes which students can access from their devices. You may even find some compare and contrast essay topics for college students as well as other coursework projects. Besides, it’s useful for those teachers who are looking for fun and engaging ways to communicate with their students. It’s a site that’s dedicated to motivating students to participate!

Khan Academy

This is a free, high-quality online university for eLearners. The site is transforming education by making it available for anyone who’s connected to the internet. Just recently, it entered into a partnership deal with College Board. Through this, it aims to offer free SAT prep resources for all students.


Learners struggling to write an academic essay or any other type of project can turn to TheEssayWriter for help from expert online writers. They’ll show students how to format and take them through various writing techniques. Some of its unique features include:

  • A paper writing guide
  • A glossary of different writing terms
  • A citation generator
  • A blog page containing useful advice and tools

It also has weekly essay contests where the best writer walks away with a tremendous cash amount!


This tool is merely a collection of different e-courses from professionals and educators. While some courses are free, others are quite costly. Here, you’ll find a variety of topics including creative writing, photography, and supervised machine learning like software engineering. If you’re a curious mind, this site might be what you need!


Do you want to learn another language? If you do, then Duolingo will make it easy for you. It offers professional lessons in more than 30 popular languages. You go through levels and unlock prizes. In the end, you’ll become quite fluent with only some little effort.

Crash Course

This is a YouTube Channel which teaches students topics like biology, literature, history, chemistry, and more. It’s hosted by an author called John Green with his brother Hank. The videos are run for 10 to 15 minutes, and the website’s founders encourage teachers to make good use of them.


This impressive tool allows users to make presentations which they can share with others. It helps teachers feel comfortable even when issuing large projects. As a student, it will assist you in learning the fundamental aspects of graphics and design.

Study Blue

Study blue comes with an extensive collection of learning flashcards and guides created by students and for students. The content here is meant to help both high school and middle school students.


Quizlet is just like Study Blue as it allows you to make study guides, games, and flashcards that make studying a little bit easier. It even gives you the chance of accessing these tools using different devices. So, you can go through your notes whenever you want.

Focus Booster

With Focus Booster, you can boost your productivity through the “Pomodoro Technique.” Here, you should work continuously for almost 25 minutes and then take a break for 5 minutes. Repeat the routine several times to stay focused as you complete your projects.


This is a vast online library with more than 80,000 books for all students. Besides, it also has quizzes and in-text coursework assignments. As a teacher, you can even issue tasks directly from this incredible online library!


As the name suggests, RescueTime saves time for students and teachers throughout the day. It monitors the time users spend online, offers important insights and allows its clients to track the progress of important academic projects.


The concept of eLearning will only continue to grow as more students and learning institutions choose to use its excellent services. The eLearning market is predicted to be worth more than $243 billion by 2022 – quite exciting!

So, if you’re having difficulties with eLearning or if this is the first time you use it, these tools are all you need to succeed. We know that you might not be in the position to try all of them, but which one do you think suits your learning needs best?



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