The Vision & Mission Statement No One Talks About

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Your startup's success is one thing. Another mission often neglected due to an entrepreneur's crazy work schedules are the things that matter most in life.

As entrepreneurs we can get so caught up in pursuing the vision and mission of our companies and caring for the people who make our companies successful that we forget about having a vision and mission for our personal relationships.

I am not at all writing this as someone who has arrived and who has mastered the area of prioritizing relationships. Trust me when I say I have a long way to go. But I was inspired to write this post today as I was reflecting on my own life.

Company Success Isn’t Everything

As an entrepreneur it is so easy to fall into this pit of company success over family/relationship success. What happens when that deal you have been working on so hard finally comes through? Or how about when your startup is growing and hiring more employees? Does that make you feel content and purposeful? Sure, business milestones do carry a sense of achievement with it but I’m not sure if we constantly pursue business growth at the cost of our relationships that we would end up being truly happy.

A famous research study conducted by Harvard shows that the happiest people in the world were not the most-wealthiest people, the happiest people were the ones with the most fulfilling relationships. Imagine a world where people pursued and worked on their relationships over their professions and built great, enjoyable and meaningful relationships – the world would be one big happy workplace! I think happy entrepreneurs make for better performers.

What is more joyful than having a meal with loved ones sitting around the dinner table sharing stories and laughs? Few things in this world are more precious than those moments. I want to encourage entrepreneurs who have crazy schedules to stop for a moment and reflect on the people in their lives whom they need to connect with. I want to challenge entrepreneurs to develop a vision and a mission for their families just like the ones you develop for your companies!

What’s The Point?

I say this because I want you to enjoy your life as you build your dream company. How about a dream family? Sure, it won’t be perfect because none of us are but this perspective can help entrepreneurs to re-shape their core values and develop a new way of living that promotes true joy and well-being and I won’t be surprised if your productivity happens to improve too. Let’s make an effort to draft this vision and statement for our families, strategize and execute on them. Let’s build a happier home. Let’s prioritize the things that matter most.



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