Using Nanotechnology To Purify Water More Effectively: Watersprint AB

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After reporting on the science & entrepreneurship centre Medicon Village, it's time to take a closer look at one of their startups: Watersprint AB. Nova Yuan told us the mission & technology behind the company:

Watersprint AB is a company entirely focused on innovation, technical, and environmental improvement, with the main goal to create and develop products for the purpose of sustainability and beneficial water effects on health. Using development based on blue LED technology, rewarded with the Noble Prize in Physics in 2014, Watersprint focuses on the use of UV LEDs with nanotechnology that opens new possibilities to create groundbreaking products for water treatment. The company was founded by four influential professors in engineering and nanotechnology that, together with all employees, create a well prepared and enthusiastic team with expertise in water, health, nanotechnology, and IT.

We spoke with Nova Yuan to find out more about the startup that evolved & developed in Medicon Village, a Swedish research centre that combines science & entrepreneurship:

How would you describe Watersprint AB in 50 or fewer words?

It’s an inspiring experience to work at Watersprint AB, a startup in Medicon Village. Our product aims to improve the water quality from pipes. The technology used is new and advanced, motivating my everyday work. For the future, the startup’s mission is to fabricate products which will secure water quality from pipes more effectively at an affordable price. At the same time, our products can step in different fields requiring high quality of water, like hospitals, swimming halls, or water homes among others. The main ambition is to create products that will result in a better world.

What’s is like working at a company with the mission to improve the lives of millions? What tasks do you encounter on a daily basis?

A typical working day in the office mainly involves discussions as to what kind of tests we are supposed to prepare together with my colleagues, for that day. We also prepare the materials and tools for testing. After execution, we export the test results into an Excel sheet and then discuss them. A usual day ends by proposing future tests for the following days.

What motivated you to join the team and how did you get a hold of this opportunity?

I was introduced by a friend of mine to this company, being inspired by the possibility of making the world a better and a healthier place, as well as by the work itself. The technical work matched my background and personal interest.

What is the most memorable moment throughout the history of the startup?

One of the most memorable moments was one day, after seeing the results of one of the tests we made. It was surprising and exciting, we could really see the future potential of our product, which engaged us even more. Seeing that the tests confirmed an assumption we had, not only provided an “ego push” but also made us realise that the opportunity we have is truly unique.

Having a great product or service is one thing, apart from that: what do you think contributes essentially to the success of a young company?

Enough investment, correct leadership and, of course, the team’s drive and enthusiasm.

Drawing from your own experience: what do you think it takes to join a startup?

In my opinion, a person who wants to join a startup should have the passion either for the product or for the general mission of the company. One should also be eager and prepared to take several responsibilities to help the company go to the next level. It is difficult to predict the development path of a startup, but it is always good to make the most out of the experience.




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