Startup Cluster Medicon Village Brings A Breath Of Fresh Air To Science In Sweden

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Located in of Sweden's most innovative regions, Sκåne, Medicon Village offers a place for entrepreneurs and researchers to exchange ideas and develop innovative solutions with the potential to impact all of our lives.

All Sκåne region is well known for its contribution in the life science domain, namely through different research centres in nanotechnology, cleantech, medicine. Lund can be considered the very core of this extended research work and Medicon Village is one of the most innovative entrepreneurial centres in this respect, a truly unique concept for the life science domain that integrates research, innovation, and business-like organizations.

Medicon Village can be best described as a communion of smaller or bigger startups that influence and inspire each other for the purpose of growth and development and in which everyone can help each other, learn and exchange experience. Medicon Village, built once with the pharmaceutical giant’s closure, Astra Zeneca in 2011 and which started its activity in January 2012, is owned by Mats Paulsson’s foundation for research, innovation, and community development. All profit is totally directed for research and innovation within the medicine and life science sector.

The Mission: Creating  A Life Of Value Through Innovation

The way to best depict Medicon Village’s mission is a permanent struggle and devotion to creating an environment where innovation, research, and business culture go hand in hand to create a life of value and healthiness. Therefore, the main goal is to change and improve the overall current conditions in the health system. Everyone from the staff creates meaningful impact and each has a key role in the process of research and implementation (doctors, researchers, interns, entrepreneurs, business representatives). A lot of focus is placed on research on diabetes, respiratory and lung diseases, inflammations as well as research to combat cancer and this is visible in the work of researchers and doctors that help in understanding the causes behind tumours through gathering expertise from various sources as well as using very advanced and suitable equipment in laboratories.

The research program has created a purpose in developing different tests so that doctors can better assess the whole chain, from idea to reality, regarding a product, a method or a service, including which kind of treatment is best suited for every patient and bringing forward new solutions to earlier diagnosis. All ideas that are born through mutual agreement and daily communication can mean great opportunities to apply new scientific findings, a step further in improving a patient’s condition, which otherwise will mean a long and fairly complicated process. Medicon Village takes pride in its partnership with BMC (Biomedicinskt Centrum) from Lund and the Clinical Research Centre (CRC) from Malmö, creating a triangle of innovation and entrepreneurship within life science.

Incorporating Lab4Rent & Smile Incubator

Medicon Village has incorporated various laboratories for research in fields such as chemistry, biochemistry, the pharmaceutical & cleaning industry, special laboratories for pre-clinical studies and analysis operations. The most known of them is Lab4Rent, that ensures everyone the possibility of renting a small space or a smaller laboratory for temporary use for research or testing. It is also worth mentioning Smile Incubator, a specially designed space for all startups in life science which are at an early stage or look for funding. Smile Incubator also promotes and helps entrepreneurs and their ideas, in their struggle with developing their business model, with recruitment or risk analysis.

In January 2017, Medicon Village celebrated 5 years of activity. During this period, Medicon Village has proved to be a real umbrella organization, having 120 business enterprise participants with 1600 co-workers, promoting diverse skills and competencies that create synergies for the startups to develop at a faster pace than separately. Medicon Village works as both a platform and catalyst for its members and employees, but also for others who can benefit and contribute from its activities.

A Space For Everyone In Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Apart from offering access to different laboratories, Medicon Village also has 8 conference rooms with a capacity of about 600 people, where anyone can organize or join an event, a meeting or a conference, promote different products or service related to some of the startup’s activity. Through these activities, right people from the academic environment and beyond can meet and create a relation of development and growth. At the ground floor of Medicon Village, there is a restaurant and cafe called Inspira, which is a good opportunity to enjoy a healthy and nutritious lunch made out of mostly of local products, while meeting colleagues and exchanging inspiring ideas.

In the near future, Medicon Village will host a series of events promoting further research and explaining various challenges in the medical world: Lunch & Learn events are happening weekly, covering various subjects, from sociology to economic challenges nowadays, also different seminars (e.g. Lund University Cancer Center Distinguished Seminar, the event Is the world becoming a better place? with The Institute for Palliative Care from Lund University and Region Skåne held during Science Week, in the middle of March, with participants and researchers from India, USA, and Sweden).

Medicon Village’s future projects include improvement plans regarding infrastructure, architecture, space development, more flexible working spaces and a greater number of laboratories. All in all, expectations are really high for the development of this entrepreneurship and innovation centre and success is guaranteed for the current startups working within this scientific framework.



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