Your Spring Guide To European Startup Events

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Traveling to Europe this spring & want to attend some awesome startup events? We'll share the best ones*, happening from March to May 2017!

March 2017

Your Ultimate Spring Guide Of European Startup Events


EIT Digital Conference 2017

Where? Brussels
When? 27th of March
Cost? Free, but registration is required.
Why should you go?
More than 700 delegates from all over the world, seminars about the next challenges of the digital economy, plus all news about digital innovations. Interested? Then, this one is for you!


Startup Energy Transition Tech Festival

Where? Berlin
When? 20th of March
Cost? 60€ for startups, 40€ for students
Why should you go?
The Tech Festival will showcase the top 3 global startups from the Startup Energy Transition Award category on March 20th, 2017 in Berlin. There will be also many workshops which can help you to connect with the best interdisciplinary stakeholders. This, together with prominent keynotes and panels, will bring the spirit of large tech events to the energy space.

Mobile Advertising Summit 2017

Where? Berlin
When? 30th of March
Cost? 390€ (all incl.)
Why should you go?
Although this Summit might not seem very startup-specific, there’s a lot to learn for first-time entrepreneurs. The program will not only cover everything you need to know about mobile advertising but also go into specifics like gamification but also mobile programmatic. Two highlights especially helpful when building an app!

GO REMOTE – Startup Tech Event

Where? Köln
When? 30th of March
Cost? Free, but registration is required.
Why should you go?
You will get first-hand information from successful startups, such as quality of code, workflow, handling virtual teams and how a software development collaboration can bring more success to your company. And of course, you’ll meet lots of startups, entrepreneurs, and IT-experts.


Wolves Summit

Where? Warsaw
When? 28th-29th of March
Cost? Free for startups (2 tickets each).
Why should you go?
Wolves Summit is one of Europe’s biggest tech events, gathering startups, corporates, and investors. This year 4000 1:1 meetings will happen, guaranteeing valuable connections to boost your development.


STARTUP GRIND Hosts Daniel Gutenberg

Where? Zurich
When? 21st of March
Cost? 20CHF or around 19€
Why should you go?
This is the chance to meet Daniel Gutenberg, who has invested in 100+ startups so far. He was named Business Angel of the Year 2011 by SECA. Hear what he has to say about the Swiss startup scene and how he picks his startups.


Big Data World

Where? London
When? 15th-16th of March
Cost? Free, but registration is required.
Why should you go?
Working with data can be difficult, and this is where Big Data World comes in. During this event, you will learn how correctly come up with a big data strategy by telling ideas and techniques, which will help you in the long run.

April 2017

Your Ultimate Spring Guide Of European Startup Events



Where? Sofia
When? 25th-26th of April
Cost? 96€ for developers, 228€ for visitors
Why should you go?
Over 5000 attendees from Fortune500 companies, more than 100 startups pitching live, 4 stages, and one exhibition area. If you want to learn about innovation, digital transformation, mobility, or FinTech among many others, this is the event for you!


EXEC FinTech 2017

Where? Berlin
When? 5th-6th of April
Cost? around 355€ for startups
Why should you go?
Bringing together more than 800 handpicked Startup Founders, Corporate Executives, and Investors; EXEC plays a significant role in sparking exchange and cooperation in the FinTech sector. And of course many workshops, discussions and a pitch competition among 30 selected Startups.

Startup Camp Berlin 2017

Where? Berlin
When? 7th-8th of April
Cost? 99€ for students, 139€ for startups
Why should you go?
A great opportunity to show your idea and reach out to a much wider audience of students, entrepreneurs, founders, customers, investors, and potential future partners. If you attend, make sure to enter the Pitch Marathon, helping your raise the first round of investment.

TechSummit 2017

Where? Berlin
When? 12th of April
Cost? 25€
Why should you go?
TechSummit is an international forum with conferences in Amsterdam, Berlin, and the US. At its Berlin edition, you will be able to listen to speakers from leading companies and media organizations around the world and participate in very interesting conversations. This year’s conference theme is “Building Reliability at Scale” and will include talks ranging from monitoring and performance to infrastructure and automation.

EU-Startups Conference 2017

Where? Berlin
When? 13th of April
Cost? 49€ for students & founders
Why should you go?
Discover the hottest Startups from Europe, have fireside chats with 3 internationally successful founders, participate in interesting speeches. Moreover, this event will host a pitch competition with 15 startups, the winning team is up for a prize worth more than 11.000€

Develop Your Future

Where? Berlin
When? 20th of April
Cost? Free
Why should you go?
Following the credo “Develop Your Future” this event serves as a job fair for IT professionals looking for a job in the startup environment. So whether you’re looking for a job or looking for a new talent to join your team, this event is worth a shot.

German Accelerator Tech – Celebrating Innovation

Where? Berlin
When? 27th of April
Cost? around 20€ for founders
Why should you go?
The German Accelerator provides as a fast track to the US. During the event, you’ll be able to learn more about how the tech accelerator works, what chances scaling in the US offers and you’ll also get to know the ever growing German-American startup environment.


Startup Safary

Where? Budapest
When? 20th-21st of April
Cost? 8€ for students, 40€ for networking
Why should you go?
The best startups and tech companies in Budapest are opening their doors for two days. VCs, accelerators, incubators, coworking spaces will host program sessions ranging from growth hacking, coding, mobile development to IoT & hardware.


Startup Olé 2017

Where? Salamanca
When? 25th-27th of April
Cost? Free
Why should you go?
Startup Olé connects startups and tech/digital talent with corporates, investors, accelerators, universities and media from all over Europe. It is a massive opportunity, for both newcomers and established players, backed by the European Commission (Startup Europe).


Startup Day 2017

Where? Nacka
When? 22nd of April
Cost? around 16€ or 140SEK
Why should you go?
As one of the biggest Nordic Europe Startup events Startup Day is gathering a thousand university students and startup enthusiasts from Sweden and Europe alike. The event provides workshops and discussions with interesting people from different disciplines, broadening your horizon.


Seedstars Summit 2017

Where? Lausanne
When? 6th of April
Cost? starting from around 150€ (or 159CHF) for startups
Why should you go?
Join the Summit to watch 70+ startups from fast growing startup hubs around the world compete for an equity investment of up to $1,000,000. Get ready for breakout sessions, panel discussions and specialized workshops on FinTech, EdTech, digital health, AgriTech, IoT, hardware, social networking, and CleanTech.


UK Investor Show

Where? London
When? 1st of April
Cost? around 12€ or 10GBP
Why should you go?
Recognized as the UK’s top one-day event for those serious about making money from shares, UK Investor is the biggest and the best investment show for serious private investors and small cap professional investors – and for startup founders looking to meet those!

Innovate Finance Global Summit

Where? London
When? 10th-11th of April
Cost? around 350€ (300GBP) for a pitch pass
Why should you go?
The Summit is the most prestigious conference for the financial technology industry, a platform that convenes the world’s global institutions together with startups, policy makers, and investors to share ideas and solutions to the challenges facing financial services.

May 2017

Your Ultimate Spring Guide Of European Startup Events



Where? Tallinn
When? 25th-26th of May
Cost? from 159€
Why should you go?
In its 10th year, Latitude59 has developed into a great platform for innovators and entrepreneurs to meet investors and potential partners. The boutique event attracts around 1500 participants spanning from Finland to Ukraine, and investors from across the globe.


Arctic15 2017

Where? Helsinki
When? 3th-5th of May
Cost? 349€ for startups
Why should you go?
Arctic15 is a conference organized by ArcticStartup. The event gathers 450+ startups, 300+ investors, 150+ corporates from 60+ countries. Keynotes range from Health- to FinTech & IoT.


CUBE Tech Fair

Where? Berlin
When? 10th to 12th of May
Cost? 300€ for startups
Why should you go?
Keynote speaker? Steve Wozniak. Need more? Okay – the panels will explore infrastructure & interconnectivity, machinery & manufacturing, and life sciences & digital health – “Experience the 4th industrial revolution” – CUBE Tech takes this credo seriously.


BLAST 2017

Where? Rome
When? 10th-12th of May
Cost? starting from 150€ for 2 tickets (limited offer)
Why should you go?
3 days, more than 10,000 sqm, 6 simultaneous events, 2 stages, 1 thrilling competition to showcase startups, brands, and companies, to share ideas, experiences, and visions, to chase an opportunity, to win a prize, to learn from the best, to grow your business.


LOGIN 2017

Where? Vilnius
When? 24th-26th of May
Cost? starting from 50€ for students
Why should you go?
LOGIN is the largest tech and innovations festival in the Baltic States, attracting more than 6000 attendees annually. The event will take place in different venues; a big chance not only to visit a great conference and celebrate innovation but also to see some of the city.


ICT Spring Europe 2017

Where? Luxembourg
When? 9th-10th of May
Cost? from 420€
Why should you go?
This event is a unique opportunity to deepen digital knowledge, capture the value of the fast-growing FinTech industry, and explore the impact of space technologies on terrestrial businesses, through exhibitions and demonstrations of the latest tech trends and innovations.


Where? Budva
When? 29th-30th of May
Cost? from 50€ for students, 175€ early bird
Why should you go? is one of the most carefully curated tech/business conferences in South-East Europe. A successful conference is built on more than just good speakers and a good agenda; it is also about the people who attend it. Are you one of those people?


The Next Web Europe Conference

Where? Amsterdam
When? 18th-19th of May
Cost? 149€ for students, 299€ for startups
Why should you go?
“Not your average tech event” but instead a 2-day conference consisting of 7 stages, 250 game-changing exhibitors and 5000m2 of business floor – and still it is “the most intimate tech event” (CNBC).



Where? Oslo
When? 10th of May
Cost? around 500€ (4500NOK) for startups, alternatively you can also apply
Why should you go?
Katapult is a three-day festival in Oslo focusing on the combination of exponential technologies, impact investing, new forms of collaboration, and the future society. Expect concerts, maker activities, hackathons, pitching, workshops, fireside chats, visionary speakers and of course, one hell of a party!


PODIM Conference 2017

Where? Maribor
When? 10th-11th of May
Cost? startups can apply for 2 tickets (97,5€), 290€ early bird
Why should you go?
An intense 2-day experience of connecting, learning, motivation, and positive entrepreneurship energy. PODIM is an effective platform for investing into the most promising startups from the region, as well as for actively connecting startups and corporations.


Thinking Digital

Where? Gateshead
When? 16th-17th of May
Cost? around 160€ (140GBP) for a standard ticket
Why should you go?
Curious about technology, ideas & our future? Well, this might just be the event for you! The two-day event “has built a reputation for attracting the best thinkers & speakers around the world”, according to The Guardian.


*Due to the sheer endless list of amazing events happening all around Europe, this list raises no claims to completeness.



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