A Typical Day In An Entrepreneur’s Life

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Talking about an entrepreneur's life: What does it look like? Is there a typical one? We spoke to founders across Europe to find out!

There is no doubt about the fact that when it comes to successful people, anyone would kill to find out their recipe for success. How did they managed to get where they are now? What precious secrets can they share? Are there any particular steps people should pay attention to and apply on their own path? These are all questions to which a miraculous answer is usually expected – like a magic potion success seekers can take in and reach their goal in no time.

So, where would one look for clues, if not in the everyday life of the people they look up to and admire? To be more specific – people tend to play detective and analyze repetitive patterns, everyday routines of successful people. They do it in order to be able to identify that one activity, concept, personality trait or custom that brings these people on the high peaks of glory.

Maybe it’s something in their motivation or in the way they perform their tasks. Wherever this trigger to success turns out to be, one thing is sure – these people have something to teach us all. So, what better way to do it, than by taking a peek into a typical day of their lives?

StartUs Magazine has interviewed a significant amount of startup founders and co-founders over the past year and almost all of them have revealed small things from their daily routines, apart from the most important professional accomplishments.

What A Day In An Entrepreneur’s Life Looks Like

When asked about giving details about a typical day in his life Cosmo Currey, the co-founder of HerSmile, a dating platform from Russia, mentioned right from the start the undeniable importance of time:

From the moment I get up to the moment I fall asleep there isn’t a second to lose. I often work from home to save time. I usually get up at 8 am and immediately start work. Engrossed I rarely eat my first meal before 1 pm and always whilst working. At 7.30 pm I hit the gym. I come home, cook and continue working until 1 am. Before going to bed I chant or meditate.

Overall, I dedicate 17 hours a day, 7 days a week to my work. Yet it still isn’t enough to get everything done.

Additya Gupta, the founder of Attify, admitted from the beginning the fact that he is a bit different from other startup CEO’s. Due to the fact that he travels a lot, he only manages to interact with his team a few times a month. His business industry does not require permanent face-to-face interaction, though, so most of the things can be easily done through different communication channels.

I wish my typical work day had the office part in it. I am travelling for most part of the month and only get to interact personally with my team 4-5 days in a month. The rest of the communication is all through Slack, Emails and Video meetings.

Whenever I’m in office I usually use the time to work with the team and discuss about the strategies and make overall plans. Also, things like working on the research and making things move forward.

Julius Reynolds, the founder of Sendy, stated that to him, this typical day does not have any precise limits, in the sense that it:

…never really starts and never really stops. It just is, like the universe! What I mean by this is that even when I am not in the office I may get an idea, or remind myself of a task, randomly and without doing it consciously.

Talking practically, I always prioritise my tasks – there are some which are of paramount importance, they usually have to do with raising money, saving money, increasing visibility of the company, listening to customers, listening to employees. Other things come second.

Paolo Monasterolo from Elbify emphasized the dynamics of his team. When working there are no fixed hours nor fixed spaces, but there is one thing they manage to do successfully and that is meeting deadlines in advance:

We use technology to speed up and control processes (we don’t want technology to own our lives) and we want our crew members to have a life outside the office. We like to have meetings in open spaces, we need to be close to the people who are – and will be – our customers so we spend time in evaluating that, which means a lot of time is spent cycling around, talking, exchanging and sharing.

So, after all, is there such thing as a typical working day in a founder’s life? These are only a few examples, but the truth is that a concrete recipe for success does not exist, just like there’s no typical working days for entrepreneurs, either.
In the end, every day is different from the other and it all comes down to the company’s culture and the vibe it generates.

Now, in spite of all these differences, you will notice that the link that bonds all of these entrepreneurs is the passion they put into their work. Their schedule does not have time limitations, nor are they bound to fixed working places. They all use technology to improve their working experience. This way they have time to focus on perfecting their work and achieving success.

So, no. There is no pattern you can take after to become successful. There is, however, a huge amount of motivation, passion and dedication that can get anyone started on their road to victory.


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