Top 8 Dead-Simple Tips To Improve Your Wi-Fi Experience

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Whether you're at home or the office - a weak Wi-Fi signal stretches everyone's patience. We share 8 tips to get your the strongest signal wherever you are!

Wi-Fi is one of the most important technological evolutions of the modern age. Today, for most of us, getting and being online has become as necessary as breathing. However, the entire experience can be marred by shoddy Wi-Fi connections dotted with low speed, bad reception, and other Wi-Fi issues.

If your Wi-Fi network is not performing up to your expectations, then the following are simple ways to boost your Wi-Fi signal. With these tips, you can bring your Wi-Fi dead zones to life.

#1 Choose A Good Router Placement Space

Placement of the router can make or break the quality of the Wi-Fi signal you get. All the places are not good or equally suitable for your router placement.

A router’s signals travel omni-directionally and downwards. Hence, it is sensible that you don’t place your router behind the cupboard or TV cabinet.

Of course, placing it high up in the center of your office or house is not a good option because you won’t be able to see it. So, choose a middle ground. You should elevate the position up off the ground in order to achieve the optimal reception.

#2 Measure Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength

Today, there are various apps available on the internet such as Netspot or Cloudcheck that allow you to measure your Wi-Fi signal strength throughout your office.

It also helps you in figuring out where it is weak. This can give you some hints on how you can better position your router.

#3 Update Your Router Frequently

Every day, we hear news of the growing number of large-scale malware attacks. These attacks can cost businesses and individuals billions of dollars.

A malware attack can infect a router and can steal bandwidth to get unauthorized access to data and files. You can prevent such malware attacks from your Wi-Fi system if you regularly update your router.

#4 Keep The Router Away From Other Electronics

Electronic devices such as microwaves, TVs, can interfere with your router’s signal. It’s because all sorts of electronics devices usually generate electromagnetic signals so you won’t be able to achieve the optimal signal strength.

Hence, it is recommended to keep your Wi-Fi router sandwiching between any electronic devices is definitely not a good idea. You should not put your router near the large metal objects like a mirror or filing cabinets and water. This arrangement tends to block the Wi-Fi signal. So, this kind of placement should be avoided.

#5 Turn To Mesh Wi-Fi System

For users who are facing difficulties with slow Wi-Fi, turning to mesh Wi-Fi system is the best option. Routers that support mesh networking can create multiple Wi-Fi connection points.

These multiple connection points make it easier for devices to conquer other competing signals in order to preserve a secure and stable connection to the network. So, to get seamless connectivity everywhere it’s a smart move to upgrade to mesh Wi-Fi system.

#6 Buy A Wireless Range Extender

Distance is one of the critical issues when you want to achieve a robust signal strength. There is a definite best possible range that the wireless signal can travel. If your network has to cover up a larger area than the router is competent in transmitting, the performance will get affected.

A Wi-Fi range extender is usually a viable option in such conditions. They are generally referred by many names such as Wi-Fi boosters, repeaters, and extenders. Basically, they take a Wi-Fi signal, amplify it, and transmit it again. So, if you are getting poor Wi-Fi signal strength, it’s wise to purchase a range extender to boost the signal strength.

#7 Use A Less Crowded Wireless Channel

If you are living or working in a crowded place such as in high-rise buildings or flats your neighbor’s routers and access points might interfere with yours. It causesWi-Fi signals to degrade.

The interesting thing to note is that wireless routers can function on several different channels. Of course, you want your router to operate on a less crowded channel. Though your router is smart enough to pick the best channel for you, ensure it is evaluating the situation perfectly.

You can use tools such as WiFi Analyzer for it and switch channel manually if your router picked the channel poorly.

#8 Follow These Quick Tips

It is recommended that you should change your Wi-Fi password regularly; once every three months. Update your router firmware and add significant security patches against vulnerabilities.

Change the router login password. If you keep the router login password default which is provided by a company then your network will be hacked easily. You should enable the router firewall.

Signing Off

With the above-discussed tips and tricks, you can get the strongest wireless signal wherever you are. Go ahead, follow these and achieve stable, high-speed Wi-Fi connection.



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