Thinking Outside The Box Meets Circular Economy: Green Alley Award

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The startup competition Green Alley Award 2017 is open for applications till July 25th. Enter to win a prize package of up to 30,000€ and get advice from Circular Economy experts!

Everyday consumers find themselves facing countless small, yet influential choices: picking up the plastic-wrapped bananas instead of the single ones? Taking one more coffee-to-go instead of carrying a reusable cup out of pure laziness? Throwing away food due to uncertainty or because it is supposedly expired? Circular Economy starts and ends with single choices that, at the end of the day, can result in exhausting the earth’s resources. The idea of a closed loop is no breaking news – still, realizing and actually implementing the principles of reducing, reusing or recycling waste is another matter altogether.

Green Startups Have The Opportunity To Change It

That’s why in 2014, the startup competition Green Alley Award was initiated with the aim of supporting startups which are developing and implementing new ideas to boost Europe’s Circular Economy. In conjunction with Green Alley and Seedmatch, the initiators, Bethnal Green Ventures, an accelerator program for social and tech-driven startups, the European Recycling Platform Finland, H2 Compliance and R2PI, a Horizon 2020 project joined to support the Award. In 2016, circular economy experts judged 191 applications from more than 50 countries. This year, more concepts and ideas around topics such as the prevention of plastics, the reduction of food waste or pollution are expected. The deadline for the application is 25th of July, 2017.

“Thinking outside the box is a must when you care about the Circular Economy because it’s’ not only about developing things further, it’s about disruption and change of thinking. Our winner of the last Green Alley Award, Green City Solutions, has done so by inventing a moss installation combined with an IoT-technology absorbing CO2. Surely, there are several legal restrictions and other regulations that make tapping into these new waters tricky – but with our expertise and network entering the German and European market can be smoothened”, says Associate Director at Green Alley, Miriam Kehl.

Thinking Outside The Box Meets Circular Economy: Green Alley Award

Advice From Experts In Circular Economy

All startups applying for the Green Alley Award 2017 submit a pitch deck following specific application guidelines in order to convince an international selection committee. The ones who make it to the final – six startups from all around Europe – are invited to Berlin in early November to take part in coaching sessions with experts from the field and also with experienced startups. At the end of the day, all teams are pitching their business idea in front of an international audience and jury. If you’re unsure of how to prepare for a startup competition such as the Green Alley Award, have a look at the advice the last winner of the award, Green City Solutions, has to give.

Win A Prize Package Worth Up To 30,000 EUR

The Green Alley Award not only offers a great insight into how to develop one’s business idea, it also rewards the winner with an attractive prize package of up to 30,000 EUR. The core of this package, additional to a cash prize of 7,000 EUR, is access to a network of Circular Economy experts as well as PR-support, a customized workshop and the possibility of receiving funding.



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