TaskWunder CEO Releases Free Online Marketing Book “Neukundenlawine”

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Jakob Hager, Facebook marketing expert and founder of TaskWunder, has released "Neukundenlawine" - a book dedicated to acquiring clients through online marketing. More than half of the copies are gone, be fast to get yours!

Online Marketing is currently in a weird state. On the one hand, it is possible to go very deep into Facebook and Google marketing. Deeper than a startup co-founder or especially small medium sized business owner has time to go. For them, it may feel like they can never understand online marketing well enough to do it successfully because it changes too fast. On the other hand, many do not know that systems are getting much easier.

Facebook Marketing two years ago meant that we had to do a lot of work, set CPC bidding, not boost a post on the page, instead operate the ad manager. All those things are now much easier so that you can run profitable campaigns even when you only have a superficial knowledge of the systems.

A Free Book For The Golden Age Of Online Marketing

This means that we are living now in a golden age of online marketing. While many people believe that they will never get it and hence don’t even try, their competitors may just run ads with a few clicks and outperform them. Even though advertising tools are getting really easy to use, few people use them so far.

With his book, Jakob Hager aims to change that. The book is called “Neukundenlawine“*, which freely translates to new-client-avalanche (sounds much better in German). The book gives its readers six general principles to understand and follow in online marketing. It also provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up a system to automatically get new clients through Facebook and Google (PPC Marketing).

Moreover, the book goes into detail and outlines a specific selling system (also called “funnel”) for various industries and niches, such as coaches, trainers, info-marketers, affiliate marketers, network marketers, but also typical offline entrepreneurs like lawyers, tax advisors, craftsmen, and service providers.

The book is written not to be a generic piece of advice, but a specific todo-list for online entrepreneurs and those who want to grow their startup or offline business. In addition to the book, readers get specific checklists to download and use for faster implementation.

Jakob is giving away the book for free. All his knowledge on 193 pages and while he is also covering printing the book. What he asks readers in return, is to cover the shipping fees of 6.95€ per book in return. Premium shipment gives you a tracking number, so the book will arrive within days of ordering it in the German speaking area.

So far, the book has gotten outstanding feedback after giving away 6000 books within the first 3 weeks, which is a bit more than half the books printed. Get one now as long as they’re available!


Interested to learn more about Jakob and his startup TaskWunder? Check out our interview!


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* Book available in German only – for now.