It’s All About The Struggle

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Sometimes we need struggle in our lives to remind us where we are and who we want to be. Often through life's hardship we know what to value in the end.

Our relationship with struggle is weird because on the one side we can’t avoid it. But at the same time, we need it, and we need it very bad! Because the thing is, that there is no way we could have become who we are today unless we didn’t have to go through live’s hardships. That’s why I think that struggle is live’s way of testing us, of shaping us into better selfs.

Struggle allows us to re-connect, to reset, to get back to the basics. We spend most of our time trying to get to know other people but that’s when struggle comes in. Knocking on the door when you least expect it. Making its way into our lives. Struggle has the ability to make us re-connect with ourselves. It forces us to get to create the space, sit down and have a talk with ourselves. Because when you feel like the world is coming down on you, overwhelmed by concern, the only thing that will clear your clouded mind is going back to the basics. And there is were we make our gain.


The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of those depths.
– Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


Struggle is a rough, mean teacher, but its lessons last a lifetime. They shape us for life. I guess that things are not supposed to be easy; otherwise, nobody would be successful. But I do know one thing and that is time will pass by anyway, what matters is what you do with it. That is why I encourage you to embrace struggle, no need to seek it though (it will always manage a way to find us). Learn to push yourself to overcome it. Be positive, learn to see the things you develop from it. Feed yourself from it, recharge your batteries. Let it teach you.

It’s only, and only when you decide to embrace struggle that you are able to reach the attitude you need to overcome it. Only then, when you manage to reconnect with yourself, that things become clear. And it’s this understanding of who you are and of what you are capable of what allows you to emerge from it stronger, wiser and more confident. Everything starts with you.

When you feel overwhelmed, take the time to reflect on your situation and visualise the learning points life is giving you. Never forget that everything happens for a reason and it’s only looking backwards that the dots will connect.

I want to ask you to join the conversation. I would like to know about what are you struggling with right now and how do you deal with it. Either personally or professionally, I want to hear about whats clogging your head. Simply share your comment below!


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