Startups On StartUs: How To Present Your Company?

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Create a StartUs profile for your company to get a better chance at recruiting the people you need in your team and to expand your professional contacts, as well!

Ever wondered how can you make things a bit more interesting for your startup on the Internet? Maybe spice things up a little bit? I am quite sure you have already created a powerful presence for you and your company. LinkedIn account, Twitter, Facebook, maybe Instagram, right?

These days, social media is the no. 1 tool  for increasing a company’s’ popularity among old customers. Needless to say that it is also used for gaining new ones, but if you are looking to narrow things down a little bit more and get the results you are seeking, you should turn your attention towards an even more specific online platform: StartUs.

It’s easy to use and it has a very intuitive navigation system, as well. If you want to get in contact with other startups, if you are in the full process of recruiting new members for your team, or if you are just looking for some advice, then this should be the exact point where your journey in the startup world begins.

Create Your Company’s StartUs Profile

As mentioned earlier, this is a very intuitive process and because it is so easy to create this kind of profile for your company, it’s very easy to overlook things that are quite important for someone who is checking it out!

What should you be paying attention to?

#1 Visual Representations

First of all, your profile picture. It must contain your company’s logo. There is no other way around. Make sure that it looks professional and clear. A blurry profile picture will give your visitors the impression that details are not a strength point for you, thus leading them to doubt your professionalism. It does not sound good, but it’s true.

Don’t forget about the cover photo, as well! If your company has a mascot, a more complex logo or an inspiring phrase to live by, now it’s a great time to use it!

#2 General Information

Start with a bold phrase in which you state exactly your company’s activity as accurate as possible. Continue with another paragraph where you develop this idea further more. Close the caption with a Call To Action. Invite users to contact you, should they have any questions. Offer them the possibility to get involved in your company’s work.

Remember: keep it short and effective! This is not the place for writing a novel on your company! A long description will bore visitors and make them lose their interest in your startup.

#3 Company Information

This is the place where you want to give precise details about your company like its type, the industry it can be included in, when was it founded or the types of jobs it offers.

#4 Products And Services

After reading some general information, your visitors will want to know exactly the products and services you are offering. Take your product/service one by one and describe it. Share a link which will send the user directly to it. Include some images, as well, and do not forget to mention the product’s category.

#5 Impressions

This is the part where the visual component of your company’s profile will have a final say on your visitors’ opinions. To make it more personal and to get closer to users, you have the possibility to upload some images of your company’s office. The fact that images will increase users’ engagement in the content they are skimming and scanning, it is already well-known. Why not also use this trick here? After all, you are only increasing your chances of being contacted more often!

#6 FAQ

List some of the most common questions about your business or the application process, as well as their answers, potential employees are more likely to address! If you have been in the business for a while, finding these key questions should be a piece of cake!

#7 Jobs

Last, but not least, do not forget about posting available jobs your company has to offer! Use the Contact field to present a few key-persons in your company. The HR Manager or any other person you consider to be helpful in reaching out to new contacts. Include essential contact details such as phone number of email address. If you are an international company with multiple offices in different countries, don’t forget to mention them too! Your visitors will have a clear vision of them, as a map is to be displayed, for a user-friendly navigation.

If you don’t have a StartUs profile for your company, now it’s a great time to try it out. Increase your interaction with the startup community all over Europe! You never know the opportunities your company could come across. Make your startup visible and never miss out a chance to success!




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