Smart Research: Using Social Media To Pitch New Business Ideas

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Did you know that social media can be of tremendous help when it comes to pitching new business ideas? All you need to know is how to make it work for you!

Social media is everything these days. Businesses know it and their employees likewise. You can look at this virtual mean of communicating ideas, as a two-way highway.

On one side, you have all the businesses in their efforts to expose products or services and engaging with their customers. Then, there is the other side – the customers, the ones providing businesses with opinions on their actions – an inspiration for every company looking to become even greater!

As, you can see, social media is an ongoing dialogue between businesses and clients. But there is more than meets the eye. Social media can be a real treasure when it comes to finding new business ideas. The trick is to know where and how to look for them!

So, if you are on the searching for some inspiration, take these social media strategies and get your business moving ASAP!

#1 Popular Pages

Take a look at Instagram and Pinterest. They are mostly visual social channels. They are filled with images of what people show an interest in. It’s a great starting point, since every entrepreneur can gain valuable information that could help him reach potential customers.

This is how the “how can I improve people’s existence?” question is born.

#2 Trending Topics

When it comes to this area, Twitter is, by far, the winner of this round. Facebook is also the platform where you can get these type of topics, but Twitter’s hashtags are undefeated, at least, until now.

What are trending topics? If you are unfamiliar with the term, try to think about them as a group of discussion on certain topics, may they be known on a local scale or worldwide. They are excellent places to take business ideas from, so what are you waiting for?!

#3 Platforms With A Focus On Crowdfunding

Indiegogo and Kickstarter are crowdfunding platforms, so it makes sense that every new emerging startup entered these websites, hoping to find funding opportunities. Angel investors, venture capitalists, you name it. They’re all here!

The bonus is that these are places where a new aspiring entrepreneur could actually find an innovative business idea. New products, services and trends are presented on a regular basis. This can give a pretty good insight, but the real inspiration comes from finding out what the startups which have received funding are. Knowing the industry in which investors are willing to invest some money, as well as the public’s interest will prove to be of great help.

#4 Trending Pages

You already know what trending topics are, therefore you have probably already assumed what trending pages are, too. A page filled with trending topics, right? Where can you find them? Get on your laptop and check out StumbleUpon or Flipboard.

Go through some of the topics that catch your eye. Then read the comments below. What are users’ opinions on that particular matter? Could they be pointing towards the existence of a pressing issue? Is that issue something you gave a lot of thought to? Would it be possible that you can offer them a solution?

And this is how new business ideas can be born. It’s not the usual process you might have been used to, but today’s world is all about evolution and continuous development. So, why not use social media for some other purposes, like this one, as well? It could turn out to be more inspiring, not to mention that finding the right idea for your business could result in a shorter search than you might have expected.



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