How To Revamp Your Lead Generation Strategies Before The Holiday Season

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The holiday season is a perfect time to boost your lead generation. In this article, we'll share some tips that will help you maximize your sales!

Various statistics show one consistent holiday trend leading to growth in sales, and it is a thing that you definitely should make use of. Even if you aren’t dealing in retail you should be mindful that people are in the “spending” mood now, and it is wise to point out to them that they can spend money on your products/services as well. Therefore upping your lead generation efforts and adapting them so that they might embrace the spirit of the holiday season is a must.

There are many ways to do this, from launching specialized holiday campaigns to finding new leads databases to use for circulating your holiday marketing materials. The important thing is to start as soon as possible because this season is quite short and you need to make the most of it.

#1 Infuse Your Email Marketing Campaign With The Holiday Spirit

Your business should already have a comprehensive email marketing campaign running full-speed. This particular promotion tool has the highest ROI of all marketing campaigns, so you need to be consistent and active in your communications with customers through emails.

If you are, sending out holiday-themed emails is something you should already be doing. But everyone else will be doing it too, and so you will need to take it a step further.

  • Segment your customers further to create better-targeted email propositions. You can do this by sending out a few surveys that will show you who your customers are shopping for, so you can form their future special offers based on the gathered data.
  • Mail out holiday gift guides with ideas. For example, you can send out emails with “best gifts for parents” or “creative gift ideas for harassed office workers”. Base your choice upon your target audience requirements.
  • Emphasize the urgency angle. This is the time to launch time-limited offers which will create a sense of urgency and motivate people to subscribe or buy right away.
  • Launch an online advent calendar. This kind of countback to the holiday gives you a chance to increase awareness of the brand. Your daily messages don’t have to be promotional, instead, focus upon offering helpful tips and add an occasional special (and time-limited!) offer.

Remember that boosting your personalization is always a good idea, but it is even more effective during the holidays. This is because many people are at a loss about what to buy for their friends and family. Sending out emails with “perfect” suggestions, therefore, increases your chances not only of generating leads but also of converting them right away.

#2 Reach Out To New Audiences

Holidays offer a chance to build up brand awareness by sponsoring local events or organizing your own. Maximize your outreach to new audiences by creating a pop-up stall at local holiday fairs, launching a themed online contest, or obtaining a new sales leads database to steer a new direction for your email and content marketing strategies.

Your primary task in this instance is to establish channels through which you will be able to reach out to new audiences. Next, flood them with your holiday marketing materials and offers. Simply put, you should consider it an intensive course of lead generation. Remember how you did it when you were just starting out and do the same thing, only on a grander scale.

Of course, only a fraction of these new leads that you are trying to capture will actually stick with you, but the objective at this point is raising awareness. Even if they don’t buy this will familiarize them with your brand, and they will become more receptive to your offers now that people are actively searching for gifts and other things to buy.

#3 Upgrade Your Lead Magnets For The Holidays

Using lead magnets is a must for any business in this day and age, but during the holiday season, you have to revamp them in order that this particular strategy might work. First of all, you should give each of your magnets a holiday theme. This means creating new content or reworking that which you have in order to make it fit. For example, your basic whitepaper on the uses and benefits of your product needs to become a whitepaper on the benefits and applications of this product during holidays.

If this isn’t possible with your specific products or services, focus instead on holiday sales. In this instance, you can re-use the materials which you used for lead generation (whitepapers, cheat sheets, checklists, ebooks, etc.) as complementary materials for holiday offers. For example, “Christmas Special 5% off and a Free Ebook Included!”

#4 Use Local Inventory Ads

If you aren’t using Local Inventory Ads, now is the time to do so. Invest as much of your marketing budget in them as you can and target last-minute shoppers specifically. When designing these ads, you need to research your target audience in order to understand what they are most likely to look for. Are you a cosmetics shop? Run an ad campaign focused on special gifts “for her”. Apply the same principle to identify what kind of holiday shopper is most likely to look for the products you offer.

Final Thoughts

The holiday season is a hot time for any business and if you aren’t using it, you are making a huge mistake. Remember, it is always best to start early if you want to get the maximum benefit from what this period can offer.



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