Ready To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone At DEVit 2017?

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Thessaloniki will host DEVit 2017 from May 20th to 21st. Here's what software superheroes can expect from the unique web development conference:

DEVit Conference is a 360° web development gathering that takes developers out of their comfort zone and cross pollinates all arts and crafts that make today’s World Wide Web possible. Devit 2017 takes place in Thessaloniki, Greece, on the 20th and 21st of May. 23 internationally acclaimed speakers will gladly share their knowledge and development techniques with us. This year, the conference is supported by major Greek and International companies such as Toptal, Automattic, and Workable.

What’s different at DEVit 2017?

Responding to our last year’s attendee feedback, DEVit becomes a 2-day event in a bigger, more comfortable venue. During the 1st day 10 speakers will deliver 9 cutting-edge talks while on the 2nd, 15 hands-on workshops for developers of any skill level will be available.

DEVit 2017 in Bullet points:

  • Speakers Day: 10 speakers
  • Workshops Day: 15 hands-on sessions. 3 all-day and 12 open
  • Talk Categories: Front-End, Back-End, DevOps, Mobile
  • Venue: Vasiliko Theatro, Thessaloniki’s coastline
  • Tickets: From €60 to €250 includes meals, coffee, and a welcome bag.

A Community Driven Event

We are a team of 30 volunteers. During the day we develop and manage tech products. At nights we become superheroes that share, teach and enable people to use and build technology right. This is why we built DEVit, and it seems like people love our project. Last year we had more than 400 people in the house and they said it was awesome. This is what fuels us!

Ready To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone At DEVit 2017?More about the organizers: SKGTech & SheSharp are local organizations comprised of creative and passionate people that love all things tech. We organize Local Meetups, International Conferences, and create Apps and Services to aid the community at large. We care about a thriving, growing, self-sustainable environment where teams, individuals, businesses and all kinds of actors can benefit from.




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