Why You Should Take On The Startup Experience!

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Not sure what to expect when working in a startup? Here is a helpful guide for all enthusiast professionals looking to enter their own startup experience.

When the word startup comes up, the first thing people think about is a small business. The second thought that comes to their minds is, probably, a fast-paced working environment. Last, but not least, they might be inclined to think about a certain degree of freedom in what the flexibility of the working program is concerned. These are only some general aspects, but there is more to startups than meets the eye.

Every startup is different. Every startup has its own culture. Its own vision. Its own founders and its own funding sources. However, there are some points that can be tied to each other in each startup, creating one big common resemblance within all of them. Three of them are the most known and have just been mentioned before. Wondering what the others are? Here are some facts you need to know if you are thinking about joining a startup:

#1 Forget About The Standard Interview

Due to the fact that, most of the times, the founders or the managers will not have the experience needed for an arduous recruiting process, you should expect the unexpected. This means that you should be prepared to answer any question they might have for you. “I did not see this coming!” is a phrase that should not even cross your mind!

Expect a quick phone call or even a lunch with the founders. Things can go as far as entering meeting after meeting with the whole team in one day! Can you already feel the rush?

#2 Fast Hiring Process

The word fast does not characterize only the working pace, but also the process of hiring new employees. Once again, expect the unexpected! You could be offered the position you applied for right on spot. However, it does not mean that you must accept it, although you should know how to entertain this opportunity.

#3 The Practical “Exam”

Startups are focused on the experience of the employee. This means that, besides all the talk within the interview, they also like to see some concrete facts on your part. Think of it like having a practical exam where, for instance, you will be asked to provide a one-month plan for what you would be doing. Yes, it is knowledge given away for free, but by doing this you an extra advantage in landing that job.

#4 The Benefits

Of course, everybody knows about the gym memberships, free lunches or other attractive benefits, but when it comes to salaries, startups tend to offer a lower amount of money to the employee, so that the rest of a normal salary can be invested in the company. This is the point when people tend to back down. However, accepting the offer will reveal the fact that you are really into making things happen and transforming dreams into reality. Look at it like you are making a trade. It is risky, but the reward will exceed anyone’s expectations!

#5 No Formalities

Startups tend to be synonymous with self-sufficiency. You are likely to be asked to bring your own working materials or to purchase your own software. If you do not feel like doing it, maybe you belong in a bigger company, where all these resources are already provided for you.

#6 Those Long Working Hours

Everyone knows that one of the main traits of a startup is the flexibility of the working program. However, that does not mean that you will finish your tasks at 5:00 PM every day. Startups expect their employees to give 100% in everything they do at work, so you should also expect a generous amount of long working hours and personal sacrifices, even though there will be days when you will be able to spend your mornings at home and get to the office at noon.

#7 A Laid Back Atmosphere

Startups are all about professionalism, just like any other companies. However, here no one puts an emphasis on the appearance of the employees. You will most likely notice casual and sometimes even funny looks, but don’t get deceived! The employees are very serious about their work. In fact, their area of expertise is exquisite. This, in combination with the dynamic working environment, could sometimes lead to a lot of pressure and tension. Remember, startups are anything but carefree!

#8 Perfectly Imperfect

In startups it is important to finish a project on time and to do it the best you can. Use what you have as wisely as possible in the time frame you have! Any  impulses aiming for perfection should be toned down. Remember that laid back atmosphere? Things are like that because any product can be revised and enhanced to suit the customers’ needs even better. It is important to keep in mind that, as long as the product’s release does not have a negative impact on the company, there is no need to get lost in perfectionistic tendencies.

#9 A Volatile Environment

Not only that we are talking about a dynamic working space, but also about a volatile one. This means that perspectives on a certain topic can shifted at any time. Old strategies can be replaced with new ones in a blink of an eye, if they stop working at some point. When this happens, it is very important to come up with a brand new plan. Just like that you have to be ready to use the new information you get and move fast enough to be able to offer a new direction.

Due to their less orthodox manner of doing business, startups are not suitable for everyone and few people could actually feel that they belong in this environment. They tend to skip the traditional approach and take on high and risky bets. Everything is different in a startup – from the hiring process to meeting deadlines or adjusting to the customers’ needs. Not having what startups are looking for in an employee and not finding what you are searching for in your employer could bring chaos on both sides. So, be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it!





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