Infographic: How To Start Your Startup In Krakow

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Poland's capital Krakow has a lot to offer to aspiring entrepreneurs. Its community is not only welcoming but also consists of a pool of highly talented IT people. Find out more in our infographic:

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Krakow, the royal city, is one of Europe’s top tourist destinations. You’ll probably even hear more English than Polish when wandering through the city center. So, no – language is not a barrier.

Poland’s capital happens to be #9 city when it comes to outsourcing IT globally. And that’s due to a simple reason: a few years ago a few people had the dream to foster a local startup scene that is now flourishing. The official symbol of the tech and startup community of Krakow is #OMGKRK.

Krakow: Why You Should Go & What To Keep In Mind:

First, let’s start with the advantages:

  • Krakow’s graduates are highly skilled and will help you boost your team. Every 5th person in the city is a student, of which more than 5000 are graduating each year from IT related studies alone.
  • Poland is a big enough market to be the first one for your startup respectively making it an ideal test market for your product.
  • The city is very well connected. It only taes you 2.5 hours to get to Warsaw and not a lot longer to go to the sourrounding European cities.

What’s to be improved:

  • Though you have great access to people, the Polish law is tricky & you’ll have to figure out a good way to hire people.
  • Establishing a company takes a while. The Polish government is working on it but starting an LLC will take you around one week, to get everything up and running (incl. 1250€ of initial capital plus 250€ for regestration costs).
  • Plenty of US and European investors label Poland an “Eastern country” with high risk and low business potential. Often, moving your HQ multiplies your chances for success.

Check out the infographic & find all opportunities Krakow has to offer:

Infographic: How To Start Your Startup In Krakow


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