Infographic: How To Start Your Startup In Dublin

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Forbes named Ireland’s capital Dublin as the “best city to found a business in”. Reason enough to take a closer look and explore its startup ecosystem. Learn more:

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Being named the “best country for business” in 2013 by Forbes is one thing, living up to this standard another. But Dublin not only offers great opportunities for startups, its varied lifestyle possibilities make it a favorable place to settle down.

Lifestyle Feat. Startup Opportunities

Ireland’s capital is located on the East coast, counting a population of circa 1.4mln. A 20-30 minute drive in any direction from the city will lead you to green fields and livestock, this will help in unwinding the stresses of the day. Dublin is a city that encompasses many hidden nooks and crannies, from beautiful beaches to relaxing nature walks and – for the more adventurous – there are the amazing mountains to discover and work your lungs!

Great food is everywhere. From amazing Michelin star restaurants to hipster cafes all competing for your presence. Dublin is so crazy about food it has re-coined the term “Brunch”. There are hundreds of cafes spotted throughout the city and the quality of food is intense. Ranelagh Village, for example, has over 40 cafe’s and restaurants on one little street with 4 cafes claiming the title “Best Coffee in Dublin”. This is the best way to catch up with friends and family and unwind after a crazy week at the office or, even better, enjoy damn good coffee while developing new leads or business strategies.

It’s very easy to get around in Dublin – whether you use the public transport system or drive, you can get from one end of the city to the other practically within the hour. As it is quite a small city, you will realize that you are only one or two degrees of separation away from anyone in Dublin. People often refer to it as a “Big Village”, attracting people to set roots here as it’s small enough to feel like a village, however, big enough to have the amenities of a city.

The government, their agencies, and the startup ecosystem have been pouring a lot of resources into creating Dublin as the best European startup hub. Dublin is home to most of the top 10 Global Tech Companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn who have chosen the city as their European HQ and reside in the world renowned “Silicon Docks”. Dublin is home to circa 2,000 startups, which are the pillars of a strong ecosystem and community, ranking Dublin 8th in the European Digital City Index (EDCI, 2016). Not too bad for a Big Village, huh?

Let’s take a look at the major players of the startup community:

Infographic: How To Start Your Startup In Dublin


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