Infographic: Habits Of Highly Successful Startup Founders

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If you’re going to make it as a startup founder, there are a few characteristics you are going to need to hone first. Anyone can start a business, but not everyone can see that business through to success. What is it that sets successful startup founders apart from the unsuccessful ones?

For starters, failure of one startup venture does not mean failure of a startup founder. Failure is always an opportunity to learn, and those founders who look at failure this way are often the most successful.

So we know that learning from failure is one positive habit that successful startup founders have, but what else? You have to know yourself and know your abilities. Know what your limits are and what you need to outsource. Knowing this is crucial – wasting your time doing things that you aren’t good at isn’t how you grow a startup.

The next thing you need to work on is networking. Network early and often. The right kind of networking is essential – not just the kind where you go into a room full of people, drop a bunch of business cards on the table and go grab a drink at the bar. You need to take the time to actually listen to and connect with people – those people could become very valuable to you in the process of building your business.

Another habit successful startup founders share is to conduct micro experiments to test how certain parts of the business will work. Any type of problem you can solve on a small scale can save you time and money and help move your startup forward. Learn more about habits of highly successful startup founders from this infographic:

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Infographic: Habits Of Highly Successful Startup Founders


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