Increasing The Number Of Women In Tech: 7 Tips For HR

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Hiring women in the technology industry can be really difficult. If you are searching for a way to hire more women, we have some suggestions for you!

In the United States, women make up nearly ½ of the workforce — over 47 of people employed are women. However, women only make up 25% of the technology workforce, and for women of color, the number of people employed in technology is less than 5%. If you are in charge of hiring for your company, how do you make sure that you are working to increase the number of women in technology? We have some suggestions.

#1 Become A Warrior

There’s a lot to be said for becoming a champion of women in the tech workplace. We can’t stress the importance enough. The women on your team could use a champion, and there are several ways you can help and encourage tech women in the workplace.

First, be understanding that women in the tech workplace face extra challenges that men don’t have. You just need to listen if the women on your team need to talk.

Second, make sure that the women on your team have space to work without interruptions. This is especially important when she is facing a big deadline and needs time to work.

Third, be sure that you are acting appropriately, and encouraging other men on your team to behave the same way. This seems self-explanatory, but some men in the technology field aren’t sure about how to act with women in the workplace. If a problem does come up, handle it as quickly and professionally as possible.

#2 Work Outside Your Job For Leads

One way that you can increase the number of women in technology is to make sure that technology is part of the curriculum from elementary school forward. Put yourself out into the community as a role model for technology. Mentor girls who are interested in technology to increase their awareness of job opportunities in the technology field. Encourage classes in technology and contests at the elementary through the high school level. That way, you will be able to grow interest in technology from a young age and have a pool of prospective employees you already know.

You can also work to grow your contacts in the community through networking opportunities in your field. There are always opportunities to meet and greet people interested in technology, and you never know when you might find a gem of a prospective employee at the next networking function or service club meeting.

#3 Emphasize Female Speakers & Workshops

There’s nothing like advocating for the rights of women in the workplace, and while you’re at it, you can champion female tech speakers. Many women work as conference speakers in the tech industry, and it wouldn’t take much effort for you to incorporate a female speaker into your next conference or get together. The more women are able to be visible speaking on technology, the more women who would be interested in tech.

#4 Encourage Role Rotation & Team Moving

Technology people usually work in teams — in fact, that is one way that technology influenced business practices in other areas. If your company works in teams, encourage the women on your team to move around, change teams, and try new things. Not only will women get to try on new projects and new jobs, but you may also find out that one of the women on your team falls into a job or a project she loves. Research shows that when people are allowed to move around and try new jobs, they are much more satisfied in their careers.

#5 Find Mentors & Ladders To Success

Whether you want to think about it or not, you are not going to be in your position forever. If that’s the case, you can begin thinking about who could succeed you. If you have an amazing woman on your team, you need to think about grooming her now for your position. Women who are mentored in technology tend to stay in the business longer, which is what you would want if you are in HR or you are a team manager.

With that in mind, it is also time to find mentors for your female employees. If you aren’t a woman, you will need to find some women to manage your mentees. Start asking around to find women in technology who would be willing to mentor women on your team. When you find mentees, be sure and show them you respect their time and energy, because being a mentor can be difficult.

#6 You Can Work On That Geeky Stereotype

Not all of the people who work in technology are geeky or nerdy. This is the perfect time to move forward with social media posts and photos of women working in tech who don’t fit the image of a tech nerd. You can always publicize programs that cater to women who code, such as Women in STEM programs. Any time you see a post, a story, or a photo of a woman in tech who doesn’t fit any stereotype, you can post it.

#7 Share Your Data

The more you are willing to put yourself out there, the more the women would be willing to join your company. If you have gender data about the number of women in your company, share it. You also need to share that your company is diversity-friendly because if women can see that a company is diverse, they are more willing to join up. If you don’t have a lot of women working for your company — be honest. Tell them one of your main objectives is to create diversity in the workplace, and you are more likely to have interested candidates.

If you get discouraged, remember that the number of women in technology has been growing over the last few years. About 15 years ago, the percentage of women who were taking technology jobs was less than 10%. Things are changing for the better, and you can help the change as well by encouraging women to work in technology, and supporting them once they’re hired. If you foster an environment that is female-friendly, the likelihood that you will encourage women to become employees is much greater.



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