The Importance Of Team-Building Activities For Your Business

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Whether you are looking for team building ideas for your remote or on-site team, we've got you covered!

HR departments across the globe often forget that the key word in the phrase is “team-building” is “team.” Basically, all the activities your employees undertake are meant to strengthen the bond between them by having fun, not the other way around. That is why there is real science behind team building if you want it to be successful.

Firstly, you need to realize all the benefits it brings and know which activities are best for your staff. These are both outdoor as well as indoor, as you’ll organize team building events both during summer and winter time. By constantly listening to what your employees desire, you will create the best and the most effective team building events.

It’s Not About The Money

We live in a society ruled by money but it is not all about the money when it comes to the labor market. Once workers get used to the salary grades present in their industry, they are going to want more from their employment. Essentially, team building will work as a non-cash incentive for the workers.

By being invited and actively participating in team building, they will feel appreciated and afterward they will feel motivated to get the job in the office done. Team building is one of the biggest boosts you can give your employees. Furthermore, it is not all about the employer-employee relationship, as workers will bond among themselves as they learn to interact outside work, as this is a great way for people to get know each other better.

Spontaneous Team Building

If you hired good resource managers, they will probably approach you with team building ideas from time to time. They will all include careful planning, often months in advance. This might be nice for your company budget but it will turn out to be a real party pooper. A team building event should be well prepared and you should take great care about the venue you choose but once things start rolling, you have to let it be as spontaneous as possible.

The essence of team building is the freedom you convey to your staff that they normally wouldn’t experience in the office. Sometime team building will simply be ordering food after a long day at work so, you everybody can carelessly chat over a slice of anchovy pizza and a can of a fizzy drink.

Indoor Activities

Admittedly, a day at the pool or in a water park is much more fun than ordering pizza after work. However, the weather is not always favorable for outdoor activities, so you always need to have an indoor alternative. If you are wondering which activities these are exactly, it all comes down to the preferences of your employees.

For some, rock climbing is the perfect indoor adventure suited for team building, while for others indoor skydiving is what they would be willing to try out. Then there are lasers tags, indoor sports, bike parks, and amusement parks that all promise hours of fun. The trick to choosing the right adventure is that you already have enthusiasts on your team who will be willing to share their passion with more insecure colleagues.

Do It On Company Time

Team building might be an activity that is designed to get your thoughts away from work but it is still work-related. That is why employees will not be thrilled once you let them know that next Friday you are taking them on a field trip after work, so they’ll be back home at 8 in the evening. Even if the activity you have planning is their favorite sport or game, they will still use their prerogative not to go because they are more needed someplace else.

Since you cannot have a team building even without the team, obviously, aim to include such outings within the work hours. This way, the workers will be more efficient as not only are doing something fun but they will not work those final few hours of the day. If you are worried about productivity, keep in mind that team building is not something that takes place every day, not even every week, so you have nothing to lose.

Remote Team Building

There are so many companies that outsource their workforce and with so many remote employees it is impossible to have a team building activity, is it? Well, just because workers don’t see each other in person, this doesn’t mean that they cannot establish a social relationship between them. In fact, there are numerous online games like a photo contest, virtual games, karaoke or trivia quizzes that can all serve as excellent team building. By interacting online, people will smile and enjoy themselves just as if they were in the same room.

Finally, you need to realize that team building is a continuous activity that you need to organize regularly. Even if you take your staff to a ballgame once every three months, this is still an event they will look forward to. Essentially, good team building is inseparable from running a profitable business, so always keep this fact in mind.



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