Heading A Startup? Its Success Depends On Your Smile

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You know that being a positive leader reassures your team during tough times and maintains their motivation levels. But being positive in the workplace when you’ve got a startup has many more benefits.

A Danish study found that employees don’t become depressed by heavy workloads but by work environments and how they’re treated by their bosses. These have the greatest effect on employee moods. If you want to keep your staff happy and prevent them from searching for a new job, you need to work on being a positive leader.

Being Positive Is Linked To Work Enthusiasm

You can’t feel enthusiastic about a team project if you’re too busy expressing negative thoughts and ideas about it. Being positive creates passion, which is sure to rub off on your team members who will feel just as excited about your vision as you do. This is exactly what your startup needs. Nothing great can be achieved with negativity.

Being Positive Removes Workplace Obstacles & Increases Profits

There could be things that are causing your employees dissatisfaction. Optimism doesn’t mean that you should turn a blind eye to them – that’s denial, and it’ll just exacerbate your employees’ negative feelings. Rather, use your optimism to deal with and eradicate the obstacles that present themselves. American psychologist Frederick Herzberg created a Motivator and Hygiene Factor Theory that’s helpful when boosting employee motivation and optimism in your startup. He found that for team members to be satisfied with their jobs, you must remove what’s causing them to feel dissatisfied, and then bring in factors that will boost their feelings of happiness.

For instance, if your team members are upset with some of your startup company policies, you could take a closer look at them and find ways to make them more appealing to your workers. Being proactive will cause you to create positive changes in the workplace that benefit everyone and boost productivity. There’s no doubt that great leaders who inspire their employees by meeting them halfway with an open, positive approach can easily boost their profits and bring your startup more success.

Being Positive Creates Opportunities For Success

When you’re cheerful and saying “yes” to things, such as your employee’s ideas during a brainstorming session, you’re opening yourself and the business to greater opportunities. Optimism injects new ideas and perspectives into your startup company that can shine a light on better business strategies, outcomes that wouldn’t have occurred if you were saying “no” to everything.

Being Positive Engages Your Employees

Employees want to feel acknowledged and trusted by their managers, so use positive words when communicating with them. For instance, when you say that you’re sure your team will succeed, this is more encouraging than saying “I think we might – let’s see” which casts a doubt on the situation and makes your employees feel that you lack confidence in their abilities. When you engage with your employees by using positive communication, you make them more committed to your business goals. In fact, research has found that companies with high employee engagement double their customer loyalty when compared to companies with average employee engagement.

Being positive isn’t just about being in a good mood at the office. In your startup, patience, and a positive attitude can have many healthy effects on your employee productivity and overall company success, such as by encouraging greater opportunities and removing workplace obstacles.



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