German MOROTAI Creates Smart Solutions For Activewear

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MOROTAI links design with functionality. We spoke to founder & CEO Rafy Ahmed to find out what sets this German startup apart from other sports brands.

How would you describe MOROTAI in a few words?

Functional, stylish and high-quality activewear for men and women. The philosophy of MOROTAI is based on the idea that everybody has a warrior within. At MOROTAI, we convert our philosophy into clothes.

What inspired you to create the sports brand? How did it all start?

I do a lot of sports. I go to the gym, play tennis and have played basketball for 12 years. Sport has always been a part of my life, just like designing. For me, starting my own business was the only way to unfold completely. Since I didn’t want to decide between sports and design, I decided to create a sports label in order to combine my two greatest passions.

About a year ago I first had the idea for MOROTAI. Perhaps it is a bit prideful to say, but the sports industry is, in my opinion, some kind of retracted. Sport is not always orange and neon, it can also be quiet, thought-out and cool. Not to forget, activewear needs smart details. I, like many other people, always train with music, which is why active wear also should include smart solutions for headphones and smartphones. So, ultimately I wanted to create a brand which I would buy myself as a customer.

You put a strong focus on design and functionality. How does this benefit athletics?

The basic idea behind MOROTAI is to think about how an athlete spends his or her day. What do they use during training, jogging or workouts? How can clothing offer intelligent solutions and support them in their different activities? Each MOROTAI garment links fashion with technology and is designed to be combinable and support the training. That is the how we promote awareness to an active and healthy lifestyle.

With many labels for sportswear on the market, what makes MOROTAI stand out of the crowd? What is the key differentiator?

Most labels print T-shirts and sell them as sportswear. MOROTAI deals with the issue of how sports are operated in everyday life. People want to look cool, but also care about functionality. This is exactly what we offer. Fewer colors, but a combinable and timeless design.

What is the most memorable moment throughout the history of MOROTAI?

One big step for us was to attend to the German TV Show “Höhle der Löwen”, similar to Dragon’s Den. The attention we received through the show gave us extra strength to continue on the right path.

What is the biggest challenge that the company has faced so far? What were your learning points?

The biggest challenge was to combine style, functionality and high quality in one piece. In activewear, it’s not only the practical aspect that’s important but also aesthetics. We were committed to fighting for our goal and created functional activewear that covers the high standards of quality and looks cool. To think big is really an important element for our success.

You launched in 2016, now the online shop is up and running. What’s next? What can we expect from MOROTAI in the coming years?

We will keep up the good work, will focus on developing further technological add-ons in our products and launch new styles. We hope that the brand will continue to grow internationally in the future.

What’s one piece of advice you can give to fellow founders for their startup?

At MOROTAI we believe that success comes from hard work, long-term efforts, and perseverance. My advice to fellow founders for their startup: do not get tired of fighting!



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