Five Social Media Stats For 2018 To Consider In Your Marketing Strategy

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The world of social media is changing all the time. We’ve put together some great statistics on social media to give you a better understanding of the industry. These stats can be used to direct a social media marketing strategy or just for fun. Here are five social media stats for 2018.

Facebook Is Running Out Of Ad Space

Facebook is currently dealing with a lot of problems at the minute. One of the biggest ones is that they are running out of place for their ads. Facebook confirmed last year that they had actually maxed out ads in feeds and were now focusing on prioritizing longer videos in timelines. Their ad revenue fell 12% year-on-year between the third quarter of 2016 and 2017. Facebook is working on solutions, but the complete lack of ad space is something to keep in mind.

The YouTube Adpocalypse

Speaking of ads, YouTube recently went through a massive controversy when it was revealed their ads were appearing on hateful and extremist content. Many advertisers started pulling their adverts and YouTube went a little crazy in their attempts to fix the situation. A lot of content creators were left out of pocket. They since implemented a patch that would mean 30% fewer videos had limited ads, but the problem has yet to be fully solved and some users may never get all their ad revenue back.

The Average 30-49-Year-Old Uses Three Social Media Platforms

As is the case with other surveys about using social media, there’s a surprising amount of overlap between social media platforms. The most common overlap is between Facebook and YouTube, but around three-quarters of Twitter and Snapchat users say that they also use Instagram. An interesting side note is that younger people are using more social media platforms tan older ones. The average 18-29-year-old is using four social media platforms, while the average 30-49-year-old is using three and the average 50-64-year-old uses two.

Instagram Stories Are Ruling The Roost

Even Instagram themselves admitted that Instagram Stories are a duplication of Snapchat. That didn’t stop them becoming super popular though. Over 300 million people are using Instagram stories each day, which is around twice the number of those using Snapchat. Even companies are starting to take note, with 41% of marketers using Instagram Stories compared to the 9% using Snapchat.

Live Streaming Is On The Rise

Live streaming had something of a slow start, but it’s really come into its own lately. Around 28% of people are watching live streams these days, which is over 20% more than those watching back in 2006. More people are also actively engaging with live streaming on social media. 2018 promises to be a massive year for live streaming on social media.

Watch The Internet Unfold

Have you ever wanted to know how many social media posts are being made right now? How many people are using Uber? How many people are searching on Google? Now you can watch the internet in real-time and see all of these wonderful statistics – and more – for yourself!


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