Europe Language Jobs Attracts Young Multi-Linguals Aiming For Success

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Europe Language Jobs, the job board for young multi-linguals aims to change the HR sector for good. Head of PR & Communications, Artemis Spiridou, explains how:

Nowadays, sticking to one job for your whole life does not seem really plausible. The possibilities of traveling increase the interest of people for available job positions everywhere in the world, mobility and flexibility between opportunities and working areas are encouraged, opening the door for relocation not only due to curiosity and language skills. New challenges await young and enthusiastic people from all around the globe. To keep up with these changes, the human resources has to strive to suit current needs and expectations.

In this respect, Europe Language Jobs presents itself as an online job portal that comes in handy to the current European employment sector – a job portal that makes the whole process of searching for a suitable job a whole different experience, far more rewarding. As a consequence of the high demand for international profiles that increased with 40 % in the last two years in the European market, as well as trends of employment and competition of employees, the online job portal offers numerous opportunities in a wide range of industries such as contact centers, engineering, pharmaceutical, sales, marketing, finance, life science and as well as a clear, transparent selection of future job offers, plus a list of recruiters from the companies that are currently hiring.

We sat down to talk with Artemis Spiridou, responsible for PR & Communications at European Language Jobs, to find out more about startup’s concept, its mission as well as future plans of development and influence in the sector of HR.

Artemis, how would you describe the platform in 50 words or less?

Europe Language Jobs is an online job board that specialises in multilingual job vacancies across Europe. We work as a meeting point between candidates willing to relocate and companies searching for international talent. At the moment we are present in 48 countries and 33 languages. Our main goal is to help candidates gain international experience by working abroad.

How do you expect this possibility to influence the world? What will change in the next, let’s say, 7 years?

The world of recruitment is changing very fast and nowadays generic job boards are not able to satisfy market needs. Europe Language Jobs works as an international job platform that supports candidates during the job seeking process in order to find a job abroad. In 7 years, we aim to be the most used job platform in Europe and the tool by excellence to find a job matching your profile.

How to you work towards this goal and how do you measure success?

We like to set small goals on a daily basis, so we do not lose focus on the big picture. By setting small objectives we can stay motivated and measure results as we go. We have developed the platform on the lean startup approach and believe that, by being constantly prototyping and innovating, we can grow faster while keeping our platform up to date.

You mentioned that current job boards are not able to satisfy today’s market needs. How do you manage to do that and gain an edge over competitors?

It’s important to have a plan and to know where you want the company to be in the upcoming years. But at the same time, entrepreneurs need to be flexible, in constant contact with users and constantly testing what is working and what it’s not. That is exactly what we are doing and I also think this is why we’re able to stay one step ahead.

Considering you’re active and successful in 48 countries, you have to have a strong team. Who are the people behind the job board?

The main reason that keeps Europe Language Jobs the fastest growing job board in our sector are the people behind the project. We have a very international team from 10 different nationalities who together speak eight European languages at a proficient level. That gives us a very interesting background and an understanding of who our users are. We are young people who have relocated to work, so we know the difficulties and rewards of being an expat.

What are you looking for in people willing to Europe Language Job and what can they expect from your side?

In team members, we are looking for a passion for different cultures and languages; we look for candidates who are creative, motivated and eager to join a challenge.

We are more than happy to accept new talents to our team, so as to integrate into our dynamic startup environment. One should get outside their comfort zone and face challenges on a daily basis, be part of a multidisciplinary young and hardworking team, be involved in a successful startup, where they can develop personal projects inside the platform.

What advice would you give first-time entrepreneurs and young startups?

It’s important to be perseverant and to work hard, the founder should be an example to the rest of the team and guide them wisely. Creating a project from scratch is not easy and you need to be prepared to fail. Learn from your mistakes and learn to live fully under uncertain circumstances. Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy what you’re doing and even if you feel constantly busy, enjoy the journey.

If there is one thing you can wish for improving the European startup ecosystem, what would it be?

In my view, we need a European system that helps entrepreneurs in early stages to access funding through one European organisation. There are lots of initiatives and many organisations willing to help in this sense, but it can be very confusing at the beginning. I believe we still haven’t found a good way to empower youth to entrepreneurship by helping them with the first steps in their projects and ideas, therefore this is the first thing we need to consider and try to improve.



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