15 Similarities Of Entrepreneurs And Rockstars

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Entrepreneurs aren't just rocking the startup scene. They've actually got quite a lot in common with real rock stars. We've collected 15 traits that both share. Check 'em out!

What distinguishes entrepreneurs from actual rock stars who spend their life making and performing music? Not as much as you might think. We’ve collected 15 characteristics that we believe are true for both rock stars and entrepreneurs.

#1 You’re hoping you’ll create a hit!


#2 You thrive when you can feel that spark between yourself and your fanbase or customers.


#3 Going to market with your product is a lot like stagediving. You can only hope you won’t hit the ground.

Spermbirds live at  So36.

Spermbirds live at So36. © Montecruz Foto 2010 https://www.flickr.com/photos/libertinus/5352579623/in/photostream/

#4 You can’t wait to expand to other markets or go on tour already!


#5 You feel like you were chosen for this job. If you don’t get your product out there, no one will.


#6 You love having the chance to share your thoughts and have people out there who care what you say.


#7 Sometimes you have a hard time keeping regular hours.


#8 You secretly (or not so secretly) want to become the talk of the town.


#9 You feel like you’ve gotta give everything now because time is running out.


#10 You’d like to create a large following of loyal fans.


#11 You dream of being able to live off your project, but don’t want to sell out.


#12 You may feel like your environment is too small for your big ideas and potential impact.


#13 You want to stay true to your style but may have to pivot.


#14 You want to stand out from the crowd.

standing from the crowd

#15 Ultimately, you’re hoping to bring some good vibes into other people’s lives.



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