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Austria’s startup scene is undoubtedly growing and flourishing at a rapid pace, as many entrepreneurs are tapping its resources and amenities as the basis of their newest ventures.

Between the advantageous government subsidies and the incomparable quality of life, Austria is resurfacing, and positioning itself as one of the top environments for entrepreneurship. Countless startups are achieving disruptive growth, and expanding their operations beyond Austria’s borders, while keeping one foot solidly planted in the vibrant hubs of the country.

One challenge that remains for founders in Austria, is to access the next generation of entrepreneurs, who will drive innovation and push their ventures forward. Based on the insights from the YouthSpeak Survey, 79% of respondents globally want to become entrepreneurs. Recognizing this and looking to further strengthen the growth in the entrepreneurial scene in Austria, AIESEC, the world’s largest youth-led organisation, has developed Empower Austria, a cross-cultural project where young talents from diverse environments bring added value to startups in Austria.

Simple & Affordable

Hiring dedicated and high-potential talents is always tricky. Through Empower Austria, acquiring bright and fresh minds from around the world becomes much easier than recruiting locally. Startups can meet their short-term skill requirement by bringing in young talents from diverse backgrounds in an affordable way.

Enable Youth

But the challenge is not just about finding people, but dedicated people, who passionately share a startup’s vision. Empower Austria enables startups to hire interns who are passionate to learn and contribute to the venture’s purpose as much as its founders. As such, startups enable a fulfilling experience for young people, as they keenly take on challenges that a startup workplace brings with it.

Boost Your Workplace

The goal of many modern startups is to grow beyond its original borders, and tap into new international markets. Tailored to the fast-paced and dynamic culture of today’s world, this project gives startups the opportunity to engage the next generation of entrepreneurs in the global startup scene. By connecting startups with high-potential young people who are eager to explore, aspiring ventures can evolve with a vital international edge.

Launch Together

If you are a startup in Austria, looking to grow and scale internationally, Empower Austria is the catalyst, enabling you to achieve your goals. Be a part of this unique project that contributes to the development of the Austrian startup scene with the help of young talents from diverse backgrounds who have a strong entrepreneurial drive. Expand your network through regular events, combining 70+ interns and the startups they are working in, where you will have the opportunity to connect with many other participants of Empower Austria.

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