How To Effectively Use Quora For Mobile App Marketing

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App developers should not ignore this post. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option to market your app then Quora is an excellent option for you. Here's why & how to use it!

Quora helps mobile app development companies in increasing the visibility of the apps. But you need to give considerable time to get the best out of the service. In 2019, Quora celebrated its 10 years in the industry. It is one of a powerful platform for increasing the brand’s visibility.

Over 300 million monthly active users surf Quora to look out for the answers to their problem. And now marketers are using Quora to reach their targeted audience. If you are looking to establish your presence or want to target a niche audience then simply learn how to effectively use the platform.

There are many marketing tactics for mobile apps available in the market but Quora is a one-stop platform for mobile app marketing which is cost-effective. Before knowing how to effectively use Quora for app marketing, you should understand why you need Quora. Further, I would like to suggest to read the insights of Quora app marketing by MobileAppDaily.

Why Is Quora Great For Mobile App Marketing?

Maybe, at first sight, Quora seems like a question and answer site. But I assure you it is much more than that. It creates amazing organic awareness about your mobile app development company, helps to boost the reputation and even assists you to find out more about your target audience. Quora will provide you with the following things:

  • It has an exceptional and vast reach. You can share questions and answers with more than 300 million monthly visitors. Now, you can even share links on Quora.
  • Content on Quora always remains a good ranking in Google’s Index.
  • Follow and interact with high profile writers on Quora to nurture your brand.
  • It produces high-quality traffic and redirects a potential customer to your website by answering their questions.
  • It also provides insights of audiences such as how much views did your answer get, what is the most popular answer and much more.

How Can You Effectively Use Quora For Mobile App Marketing?

In order to effectively use Quora for Mobile App Marketing, mobile app development companies need to think of something out of the box as nowadays everyone is aware of the traditional marketing tactics.

To make an app marketing campaign successful, companies need to give some kind of value to their audiences instead of just giving them a post stacked with links that represent how badly you want to redirect them to your website. Therefore it is important for app companies to write meaningful answers to the questions asked by the people on Quora instead of making it look like a clear advertising post.

Let’s check out other ways in which app companies can effectively use Quora for effective marketing:

#1 Create An Impressive Bio

It is the first and most important step. Creating an impressive and brilliant bio is important for every social media platform. While posting the answer on Quora, the 50 characters from your profile also show up. (Tip: You can also include clickable links in your bio.)

#2 Choose The Questions Carefully

Quora is like the large library where you will get too many answers and questions. Choosing the questions smartly according to your industry is the key to effectively use Quora.

Try to choose those questions which are followed by many and have few answers. Questions should be related to your products and services. Every follower of the question gets notified via in-app notifications and e-mail when an answer is submitted.

#3 Write Answers In Quora Passionately With Authority & Without Plagiarism

After finalizing the questions on Quora, you should make sure that your answer is unique. It should also be more than 150 words as short answers are not considered seriously by many.

Try to provide as many insights as you can provide with attractive infographics and try to insert the link to your website wisely. Gone are the days when you can easily fool Quora’s moderators. Try to avoid making your answer look like a promotion – not only will people notice but it also doesn’t add value to potential clients.

The most important point to remember before submitting on Quora is that the content should not be copied from anywhere. Try to add your personal touch and write answers in such a way that it connects with a user.



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