Mistakes That I Made During The Initial Years Of My Mobile App Development Career

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App development is a sensitive niche where one minor mistake can ruin an app as well as your career. With extensive experience of over 10 years, I can promise you one thing, there will be glitches, and you should be this smart to cope up with time with confidence and intelligent thinking.

The global gross consumer app spend is expected to surpass a humongous figure of $110 billion, and the fact is an evidence of app development already taking the world by storm. App developers are the flag barriers in this storm, and undoubtedly, their careers have the potential of growing exponentially.

But the catch is – one should avoid making mistakes in the initial phase of their mobile app development career or else the road to becoming an expert app developer won’t end ever. Below you’ll find a list of errors I observed and made myself in the initial phase of my mobile app development career. Learn from them and earn from them.

Mistakes That I Made In App Development

As a beginner, I can understand how naive an app developer is. Glitches made in the workplace are hardest to accept, but if they aren’t accepted, they won’t be addressed – ever. Let’s see if you find yourself making the same mentioned mistakes unintentionally. If the answer is yes, act now.

Perfection Is An Illusion

I remember the very first attempt I made to write code. I focused on writing code that is bug-free and free of glitches. Now that I look behind, I consider myself silly or stupid, to be precise. Even professional app developers with years of experience create codes that fail.

I don’t mean to say you shouldn’t aim for perfection but I want you to know that you aren’t a machine and in app development, perfection is elusive. Expect revisions, expect bugs, expect issues in UX/UI and on top of it all, be prepared to resolve all of these issues without getting demotivated.

Glitches Happen – Accept Them

When app developers spend day and night to develop a top-selling mobile app, they are dead sure about the code, UX/UI and all the effort they put in the development of an app. Later on, when someone points out mistakes, the developer is reluctant about accepting the failure because no one likes to waste their efforts.

What you need to understand is the essence of accepting mistakes and overcoming them by fueling in smart work. Realize that it isn’t only you, every app developer goes through this rigorous process of getting refined. Eventually, you will emerge as a better and fluent app developer.

Abusing The Code Repository

I was the type who loves a fast-paced world, and this is why I used to abuse the code repository. Instead of practicing or writing code on my own, I always preferred using ready-to-use code from online communities such as Github.

While this isn’t a bad practice at all, getting addicted to the ready-made code will eventually kill your creativity and ability to develop an app on your own. At the start of your career, you should be writing all of the code by yourself to avoid loss of interest in app development in future.

Avoiding Wireframes

As an app developer, it is essential to garner an app idea exactly and spot-on. While drawing wireframes holds great importance in the app development process, the practice is often omitted due to ignorance or a rush to develop an app.

I skipped following wireframes once, and the result was awful. Not just that I lost the overall idea for the app but months of effort got wasted because I worked well in the wrong direction.

Before becoming a reality, every success is an idea, and same is the case with the apps. Don’t you ever dare to avoid wireframes because the results will be harrowing.

Working On A Single Platform

It is okay to be proficient in a single mobile app development platform such as Android or iOS, but when it comes to knowing bits about other platforms, you must put particular emphasis on it. Initially, I choose to be an iOS app developer, but then the rapid transformation of the app industry made me realize how mistaken I was.

The number of cross-platform apps is increasing with every passing day, and from the very first phase of your career, you should learn to conquer app development industry by experimenting on every app development platform.

Experimenting Is Key

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the codes and designs. Experimenting won’t only rake in comments and new thoughts to your application, but it will challenge your skill to create better apps fueled with innovative aspects.

As a newbie, I know there is a lot of pressure of developing apps in a specific and guided way, but you can turn this pressure into an opportunity by experimenting with different codes and designs.

Trust me, trying out new techniques and strategies will eventually result in some new lessons and by this way, your app can go trendy too.

Lack Of Collaboration

In the initial phase of your career, it is vital to build professional relationships. If you are an introvert, prepare to be an extrovert, at least in the workplace. Mobile app development needs a lot of interaction within the team as well as with the clients. A lack of collaboration will make your persona look ineffective.

While it is difficult to chip in conversations and collaboration at the start of your career, always grab the opportunity to sit with the senior developers. Their experience will help you in stepping up your app development game in the future.

Prepare For The Post-Launch Bugs

Even after the war ends, soldiers never sleep. Same should be the case with you. As an app developer, one shouldn’t become worry-free after the app is launched. In fact, you should prepare yourself for the post-launch bugs.

Earlier in my career, I used to sit back and relax after the launch of my app, but later, as I stepped up the ladder, I got to know how crucial it is to keep your eyes on the post-launch bugs. Every app needs to be tweaked after it hits the market, so you better prepare yourself for the upcoming bugs.

What’s Next?

At the initial phase of my app development career, I made mistakes, but the good part is, I realized my blunders before time and improved them. The self-actualization made me write this article, and after reading it, down the line, you will understand how important it is to pay attention to the little issues you face while developing apps.

In the end, all that I want to say is, making mistakes is unintentional but not learning from one’s mistakes is a choice. Wish you a progressive app development career!



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