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From time to time we all should take a break and focus on ourselves. To realize our own potential and encourage others to find theirs as well. Here's why:

It is the deepest longing of every person to discover why they exist on this planet. It is a question even the most successful people ask themselves – What is my purpose? The journey of discovering your fullest potential and living out your purpose is a life-long process. The more action you take, the more faith-steps you take the more you will authorize yourself to discover your true potential.

The purpose of this article is not to suggest a step-by-step procedure towards finding your potential, instead it is to inspire you to seek it for yourself. There can be no set procedure to do this, every person has a unique journey of their own and my desire to invoke a new desire in you that will seek something out of the ordinary, something that will cause you to look inward first and then look outward with extraordinary hope and aspiration. It is essential that we make an effort towards discovering what we truly love doing and to live each day maximizing our fullest potential.

Look Inward

Let me start by inspiring you towards solitude, solitude gives you the opportunity to really glean and reflect on your life. I’m not referring to meditation or Yoga or any of those sorts. It’s about spending quality time by yourself to search for a purpose much higher than the pursuit of all temporal pleasures and desires. Something beyond just mere human wants. A lot of us live with locked up potential that we almost never tap into and I think the primary reason is not just fear but it is an unwillingness to truly reflect on oneself – to sit back in quietness and look inwardly and understand yourself. To understand the things that bring you most joy, to realize the moments in your life that bought true satisfaction. We need to understand ourselves well first before we begin tapping into our potential. We need to have such an unshakable, healthy confidence in ourselves, a belief that overrides all opinion and criticism so that we may stand firm in the midst of uncertainty, doubt or failure.

Don’t Fear Failure

Hard work, determination, consistency – all of that is secondary. The first is belief. Do you believe in yourself? Have you realized something about yourself that is unique and extraordinary? There is something unique within every individual – gifts or talents that he/she has been blessed with. Don’t pursue hard work, striving and determination without a strong sense of belief. You can work hard to become good at something, but if you don’t enjoy it what have you achieved? If you have been given the gift of life it is your duty to seek out your fullest potential.

Do It For Others Too

Remember, you are not seeking out your potential for your own well-being. Your potential is to bring value to the world around you. It should better the lives of people around you. You see the importance of pursuing and finding your potential is so much more than just finding fulfillment in yourself. Do you think greatness comes by pursuing vain material wealth for your personal enjoyment? I think it is necessary that you pursue your individual greatness, because by doing so you can make the world a better place.

So, pursue your potential! Find out what you love doing the most. But first, spend time by yourself. We ourselves are the ones that discourage ourselves the most, it is not another person. If we blame another person, it’s because we have qualified them worthy enough to influence us. We undermine our own abilities. We undervalue our own gifts and talents. It’s time we push each other forward.

In my life I have realized that in pushing others towards discovering their potential that I find my own. When we seek to be a resource to those around us we empower ourselves. Is there someone in your life who lacks skills in an area that you are strong in? Is there someone who wants to start a business but needs your help? Go out of the way to help others and to push them towards their own individual greatness. The universe has a way of rewarding selflessness. Don’t hold back! Step into your potential.

Here’s a 2 minute video to highlight some of the important points that I wanted to communicate through this article.


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