How To Design A Cool Startup Workplace In 2019

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The ideal startup workplace should not only be cost-effective but also foster productivity amongst your team. Here are 5 easy steps to create a cool working environment:

Ever since remote work has stolen the spotlight, offices around the globe are facing an even greater challenge when it comes to creating the perfect workspace for their teams. After all, why build an office in the first place if you can work comfortably from your own beanbag and sip on your own fresh java? Well, office design trends of 2019 are facing up to the challenge, and successfully so.

The most significant among them are listed below – you can use them to elevate your startup work environment in a few simple, hassle-free steps, and watch them strengthen your company culture!

#1 An Eccentric Yet Professional Look

Once the world got a glimpse of how Google masters the art of office design, it became clear that everyone, from the smallest content agencies to the largest SEO guru teams, needs to step up and boost their office game. While you as a young entrepreneur may not be able to provide your team with entire rooms filled with Legos, you can definitely step out of your comfort zone and create a unique vibe of your own.

Do your employees enjoy reading? You can turn every available shelf into a library that grows every time one of you brings a book. A few colorful beanbags and quirky furniture can also add vibrancy to your office and provide your employees with a safe space to relax and exchange ideas.

#2 Create A Multipurpose Space

We live in a world where office equality is no longer merely a footnote in the rulebook, but an actual concept that helps offices come to life. By providing your employees with precisely what they need to do their jobs productively, you’ll also foster an inclusive company culture that will attract top talent down the road.

Encouraging healthy habits by adding an exercise nook and offering healthy meals (vegetarian and vegan options included) will lead to happier, more driven employees who feel like they belong. Do you often deal with snappy clients? Why not add a safe zone with a punching bag for your employees to vent after a particularly taxing conversation? You’d be surprised how such details can boost morale.

#3 Imbue The Space With Comfort & A Homey Vibe

On one hand, you want to follow the minimalist mindset and make sure that you keep clutter at bay, but on the other, you wish to make your office a more inviting, warm place. You can easily strike that balance by infusing your workspace with a few decor details that both serve a purpose and enhance the look and feel of the office.

From choosing a warm, bright color palette for your walls, to adding contemporary round rugs to your communal area, a little can go a long way in inspiring creativity and reducing stress at the same time. Consider allowing your employees to bring their own personal items, such as photos, mugs, plants, and scented candles (but only if the rest agree), to truly encourage creativity and belonging.

#4 Going Wireless Across The Board

Aside from the use of Wi-Fi which by now goes without saying in any modern, well-equipped office, there are other ways to utilize tech to your advantage. Introduce other wireless gadgets into your workspace, and you’ll not only remove clutter and increase safety and maneuverability, but you will also improve productivity among your teams.

First of all, even something as simple as a wireless headset can simplify every desk organization, while wireless printers are a great addition to an office with fewer entanglements. The future holds even more wireless options for the office so that you can reduce the number of cables and make sure that your office is as clutter-free as possible.

#5 Aid The Environmental Cause

Every contemporary business aims to contribute to restoring our planet, whether through implementing various eco-friendly practices or through raising awareness and funds. You can achieve the same and make an even greater difference if you have a green mindset when designing your office space. For example, utilizing solar energy is no longer as pricey or complex as it once was, so you can turn to this and similar environmental energy solutions.

Introducing more windows for more natural lighting, switching to LED light bulbs, and adding greenery to purify your office air will all help you go the extra mile in saving the environment. Of course, paperless offices that also encourage recycling should be your role models when creating your workspace.

Even with the undeniable allure of remote work and the growing digital nomad culture, every modern office can still serve a central purpose in building your business as well as helping your team members bond. Get creative and strive to continuously improve your workspace, and your employees will be forever grateful.



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