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Are you interested in CSR strategies for your business? Use networks to get connected with experts on this topic who help you turn your company into a sustainable business.

For sustainable startups, it is important to know real key players and multipliers right from the beginning. Various CSR networks provide detailed information, tricks and helpful informations about sponsorships as well as an exchange of views among the members. Even competitions/awards are being offered. On the one hand a CSR-Network can help save costs for counseling, because many informations and checklists are provided free of charge. On the other hand startups can avoid mistakes by exchanging ideas with like-minded people and benefit from their experiences. But as in any other network it is also important that you give something back to the members of these networks.


respACT – Austrian Business Council for Sustainable Development, is the leading enterprise platform for Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development in Austria. The term respACT stands for “responsible action” and refers to the socially responsible business practices. This includes the fields of leadership and organization, market, employees, environment and society. respACT adresses companies of all sizes with headquarters in Austria: From small businesses to large corporations. The members are helping to achieve environmental and social goals economically and in a responsible way.

The CSR Circle

The CSR Circle is an open b2b network for people professionally interested in sustainability issues and corporate social responsibility. On a two month basis the members meet in Vienna for lectures, discussions, workshops and field trips to bring in new inspirations for their professional environment.

Of course there are many events and activities concerning CSR topics. Helpful tip: Just go to any event you think might be interesting and then decide which networks are suitable for your business.

Lots of journals and also inserts in newspapers are covering sustainable issues as well. The highest-circulation german-speaking CSR magazine “nachhaltigkeit.pur” comes out quarterly.

And don’t forget about CSR NEWS. It is one of the world’s leading and most visited information platforms on CSR and they’re publishing a b2b magazine, too.

The Austrian CSR day is certainly the main event where you can meet almost all actors concerning CSR and it is an absolute MUST-attend event for all people who deal with sustainability in Austria.

Have fun and good luck with your sustainable businesses! If you still have questions about the networks, don’t hesitate to contact me. Maybe we can attend some events together.



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