Coaching Makes Him Better!

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Did you know that coaching is one of the best ways to boost your business? Read more about the advantages of coaching and how a mentor can influence you.

Peyton Manning will tell you that as good as he is, coaching makes him better.

TC North, author of Fearless Leaders, has interviewed scores of successful athletes, entrepreneurs, and business leaders looking for the common traits of success. One of the highest predictors of success is an ongoing relationship with a mentor.

Leadership at the top is a lonely place. No matter how friendly an owner is toward employees there is still a relationship barrier that does not, and should not, be bridged. Having someone on the outside of the management circle may be the only avenue of input into the leader’s life. Most successful leaders know this, and want access to someone with whom they can share their burdens, who will reflectively listen and respond to problems, and who sheds light on difficult decisions that are sometimes hard to unravel when you are on the inside and no other peer is available to consult with.

Nearly two-thirds of successful business executives highly value coaching, but do not receive it. The percentage of executives who believe they would benefit from outside advice increases every year. Most acknowledge that coaching helps them improve, even if they are already great!

The same would be said of Restoration and Construction business owners. Over the past decade there has been a growing number of coaching clinics and groups emerging from within our industry. Meeting with other business owners of similar size and business makeup is a powerful, perhaps even a transformational encounter. The learning coming from peers who have faced and found answers to the issue still faced by others is compelling and completing!

Many business owners struggle with important core issues for which they need workable solutions:

  • How do I develop a foot hold for service in my marketplace as a new company?
  • How do I add a construction services division to my mitigation services?
  • How do I control labor and material costs that seem beyond my control?
  • How do I become a preferred contractor to accelerate my growth?
  • What should I do next to maximize my growth potential?

To what key business issues do you need answers? To what surmounting problems would you like solutions? What growth producing results do you need help to achieve?

There are solutions to every issue you face. The understanding and learning needed is available to you. The know how to successfully implement plans can be obtained and business can be better than it is today. But you must do something different to get outside of the constraints that have hindered your progress.

The beginning of change is realizing that if you maintain your current course, you will continue to get the same results. You must take a different course if you hope for a different outcome.

Peyton Manning is coachable because he wants to be better tomorrow than he is today. Many restoration businesses have the means to double revenue in the next 24 months, but they need help to see it and do it.

Perhaps the most effective step forward is, like Peyton Manning, to find a coach who helps make you better.



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