Change Is Progress: Why Being Flexible Pays Off

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The reason why people often find themselves in situations that make them feel uncomfortable is because they are afraid to change anything about it. But without change there will certainly be no progress.

“The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it and exploits it as an oportunity” – Peter Drucker.

The startup world is a place where things are happening in a fast paced, rapid, slightly chaotic and sometimes even unpredictable way. And this is the reason why lots of young, ambitious and innovative people are choosing excactly this environment for setting up their career. Still, not everyone is made to fit into this kind of culture. But if you really want something you’ve never had before, you’d better be willing do do something you’ve never done before. All you have to do is just be open to change yourself for the better on a regular basis.

Everything is changing. And so should you.

I believe the number one reason why people are unhappy is that they are stuck in a situation wich makes them feel very uncomfortable. Wheather this might be in business or in private life, it can happen to all of us in various ways. Being unhappy or unsatisfied isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it really depends on how you act upon it. So the one and only way how to get yourself out of an inconvenient situation is to change the fact that you are in it!

At a startup, you normally have an idea, get a team together and pour your heart and soul into your new company to make it a running business. Despite all the hard work, just a very small number of newbie founders are lucky enough to succeed right from the start. So, if you try something out for quite a while and it doesn’t work, what would be your natural reaction to make it work? Right – change your strategy and start again. This would be called a pivot in business language. But I believe if you really want to make a business successful it helps to start just right there with yourself. You have to work for yourself first if you want other things to work. Everytime, every moment and every day a change happens that can be the beginning of something completely new. The earth is a very dynamic place and we do our best to adapt ourselves to it and not holding ourselves back because we are too afraid of what might just happen.
In the end you will see things much differently if you try to experience what change can do for you.

Change to improve yourself.

People in general have the tendency to be afraid of new and uncommon things. As an entrepreneur you are probably going to hear one hundred no’s regarding your ideas and then maybe a couple of yeses. If you are lucky. But I don’t think people are saying „no“ because the idea is bad originally rather than it is too strange or innovative for them. And sometimes you really need to go back and make some major changes on your idea to make it work or come up with a better one instead. So being flexible and therefore able to change is one of the most important personality traits every entrepreneur should bring to the table. If you are capable of regular major changes you are ready for almost everything. And this will only benefit your choices in business.
Also in personal situations, most people are much too busy complaining about them instead of trying to find a way to improve them. And by improving I don’t mean being passive about it just because you are not willing to make the hard work a big change always recquires. But if you want to improve yourself you have to let go of the fears that hold you back. Personal improvement means progress. And this progress is only achieveable if you are willing to change your habits that stay in your way.

Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone.

Most of the things people worry about never happen. It helps to tell this to yourself all over again if you are afraid of making changes. It will be hard at first to let go of things you’ve always taken for granted or – even worse – got so used to that you became overly dependent on them. Sometimes you need to do something completely new or see things differently in order to become successful. If you are one of those people who choose to rather live in the past and not think change is necessary at all, fine. But the next time you find yourself complaining about some major issue don’t you think it would be easier to let go of your fears and change something for the better? Just try to see change as a positive thing that helps you grow in many ways. There is a time and place for everything and some things are meant to be left behind in order for new things to start. Change is progress, it always is.

As it is well said: The comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there. So take a chance and embrace this wonderful opportunity called change. Because in the end, change might be painful but you know what’s even more painful? Regret.



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