Bratislava and IT: Skills That Can Be Used Outside Borders?

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The tech sector is booming everywhere, but talents are hard to find. For example Vienna is lacking it - Bratislava and IT people could change that. Here's how:

Bratislava is a city that is home to many young people in the IT industry who are looking to build by finding job opportunities elsewhere as there don’t seem to be many domestic opportunities. However, across the border in Austria, there also seems to be an imbalance of IT. Unlike Bratislava, Vienna suffers from a lack of workers who have IT skills. This is an issue as the small number of IT people in Vienna prevents projects from taking off. This is a promising opportunity for Bratislava based IT to branch out and reach into neighboring cities, like Vienna in this case. As StartUs came to Bratislava on Friday the 19th of June, this should hopefully start to bridge the gap for young IT talents to take their talents outside of Slovakia and into neighboring and larger cities.

The Issue: Bratislava and IT

Vienna, which is only 60 kilometers away from Bratislava, is very easy to get to from Bratislava, meaning that IT talents can branch out of Bratislava. As previously mentioned, Vienna lacks a large amount of IT expertise, even though there are many ICT based startups. In Bratislava, over 40% of startups focus on IT based services. This is where the problem for Bratislava based IT talents starts to grow. Since there are so many startups that provide IT services, it therefore makes IT oppurtunities in Bratislava hard to come by. On the other hand, in Vienna where there are many ICT/IT based startups, the vast amount of IT startups benefits those in Bratislava as there are many more oppurtunities across the border. This means that more young individuals with IT expertise are better off trying to engage with startups in Vienna than in Bratislava. If more people from Bratislava go to Vienna to find oppurtunities in IT, then there will be a much stronger network between the two cities which will also benefit young talents in other fields of work as well.

How Firms Like StartUs Will Benefit Young People

The network strength between Bratislava and Vienna should start to strenghten as Friday the 19th of June welcomed StartUs to Bratislava. This event welcomed speakers who have expertise in IT. Dusan Koutny from OrderLord is a software developer who uses his software for ordering meals from restaurants. Though it was a tedious journey, his business has started to become recognized by many restaurants across Central Europe. The fact he branched out his business and software outside of Slovakia is a sign that IT talents in Bratislava who would also like to branch out should look at him as an example of why branching out brings many benefits.

This event harbors a lot of promise for strengthening the network between Vienna and Bratislava. The two cities are only 60 kilometers apart and the current strength of the network should be much stronger. Events like the one on the 19th of June should hopefully appeal to many young people in Bratislava, particularly those in IT, and therefore help young people branch out into neighboring cities and help them grow. So stay tuned for future events (near you)!



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